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My Only Problem With Jim Beardmore

edited September 2013 in The Sideline
imageMy Only Problem With Jim Beardmore

CW was looking forward to writing a post where he countered a number of Jim Beardmore's points with some solid analysis of his own, however, after watching the video, CW can't disagree with Beardmore on much at all... well, except for this ONE REALLY BIG THING.

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  • That interview is a prime example of the notion that it's not what you say, it's how you say it. He has some very good ideas, but unfortunately they're lost in the obscenities, anger, and divisive rhetoric. More than anything however, I feel bad for Mr. Beardmore. He is clearly a deeply troubled man.
  • "Pass-pass-dodge" isn't an offensive panacea anymore; swinging it through x doesn't work the magic like it used to. You know what you do when someone goes pass-pass dodge on you all game? Zone it up. Boom, done.

    People seem to conflate the horrors of modern sticks with the horrors of modern coaching strategies--strategies that will remain long after we (hopefully) make the switch back to non-offsets. The game has evolved, Beardmore. In fact, I'm finding more and more that people who pound their fists screaming "PASS PASS DODGE" at every team that, say, substitutes their SSDMs are merely trying to project a degree of old-school game IQ that they don't actually possess.

    In short: the modern game is way more complex than it was back when this guy could just streak out of the crease on a whim--though maybe not on an MLL team where the players do your job for you. JB is living in the past. (I should know.)

  • ALSO: Coming a bit late to the party here--just reached this part on the video...

    I'm surprised, @ConnorWilsonLAS, that you didn't mention the context of his "gay" remark: concussions. (Though I agree that what you've written about is a much broader, more serious matter. Perfectly said, by the way.)

    But on concussions: They are, 100% and undeniably, a very serious matter. He'd be an idiot even if he used the word "soft" instead of "gay." There is nothing "soft" about protecting athlete's long-term physical, cognitive, and psychological health, especially for youth players who are far more vulnerable to serious head trauma and complications thereof. "It's a violent game, kids are gonna get concussed" is a completely inappropriate response to the overwhelming consensus of scientists on issues of brain trauma. I repeat: Living in the past.

    My last word: Get this guy away from the game. None of his more sensible opinions are original to him anyway.
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