Fall Ball: The Good, The Bad, The Suspensions

edited September 2013 in Division I

imageFall Ball: The Good, The Bad, The Suspensions

Welcome to Fall Ball! It doesn't matter if you say it's all about the grind, or all about effort... you're wrong either way. Fall Ball is about two things: 1) building for the Spring, and 2) hopefully, staying out of trouble. Some programs have been doing a great job with #1 and #2, while others are struggling with at least one part of the equation.

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  • I really hate seeing guys wasting the great opportunity they have by getting in trouble during fall ball. It's one of the best time's I've had with my team and we've only been going a few weeks. Hopefully Cornell can get it together and live up to the expectations people have for them off the field as well as on.
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