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Gear Review/Peer Review! Stringers Shack "stuff"

elmoximelmoxim Hopedale, MA
So, I don't know if this should be in the "gear review" section but there seems to be more activity in this section.

Background, I'm a 43 year old (slow) player who also coaches High School Varsity and 6th grade club. I love stringing and trying to build a better mouse trap, so I came across @stingersshack on Twitter, found the website and was shocked to find they weave their own mesh!! I liked that they were from Massachusetts, the prices are UNREAL and they seemed to be thinking outside the box. I also liked that they refer to their soft mesh for dudes who like to wax their own! The day I placed an order I noticed that Stringers Shack is also a member if we are all going to support Lax AllStars, then let's also support each other!

So here we go....

I got 6 different "types" of mesh, as well as top string, sidewall and hockey style "shooters", and while I haven't messed with them ALL I thought I could start with what I have tried (and ad more latter).

Quickly, the string (top and side) are great quality, and come in lengths MORE then what you will need. I tend to crank down my sidewalls and top strings and these had a bit of stretch to them. If you like your pockets to "float" you will LOVE these, I had to go back and re-tighten them after some stretch. They also don't come with aglets on the end (I had to Google that word!) and since I like to use sidewall holes for multiple strings that can be an issue, but not a deal breaker. Shooters were tightly wound (some company's seem too loose and fray too easy) and in the past I have always leaned to "beefy" shooters. Since I am not having issues with these thinner shooters maybe I don't need beefy after all!

Now to the fun stuff!

10D HT Nylon Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh: The first thing you notice out of the bag is how "tacky" this mesh is!! The second thing you notice is "semi-hard? I wonder what the hard is like!". I strung this up (with all Stringer's Shack stuff) and it has a very hard mesh quality...i.e. pocket and break in. The COOL thing was this tacky quality to it, when using a brand new ball it had an loud squeek when the ball came out! Hold was great for a "hard" mesh and shot/pass velocity was also great! Now in full disclosure, I have moved away from standard hard mush a while ago, so while it was a GREAT hard mesh I have already re-strung that head with another piece after about 2+ hours of wall ball over 2 weeks and 3 hours of shooting (and will probably give that slightly used piece to one of the kids).

10D HT Nylon Ultralight Hybrid Semi-Soft Lacrosse Mesh: Stringer's Shack does two cool things, they make an "Ultralight" mesh that is 30% thinner than standard, and this "Hybrid" mesh that is thinner in the channel but standard thickness on the outside (my guess is something you can do if you own the weave machine!!) The Semi-Soft is something I can really get behind personally...and if you have touched a String King mesh it is a similar "hardness". Strung up easy, but needed a bit more break in than a mesh that promotes "quick break in" (but less than "hard"). After some pounding and wall ball all I can say is this mesh is CRAZY INSANE AMAZING! This mesh lets me do what I thought was honestly impossible, 0 whip and a 9 hold!! I can do a full follow through stick fake AND hit a quarter on a wall from 15 yards! The change in thickness is there if you know it, but if you were not looking/feeling for it you would probably miss it BUT it gives you a channel like an Ax Blade! Now put on your diapers so you don't make a mess...IT'S $5.05!!!!!!!!!! 5 BUCKS?!?!?! Buy it all before Stringer's Shack stops drinking and realizes they forgot the 1 to make it $15.05!!! (kidding about the drinking, but I do know they are close to a certain brew house that does magic with hops!)

10D HT Nylon Ultralight Soft Lacrosse Mesh:
10D HT Nylon 20mm Soft Lacrosse Mesh:

As I mentioned before, I loved that instead of pushing a waxed mesh, they sell these as "uncoated and ready for your special wax blend." The Ultralight is noticeably thinner and the 20mm, while is still 10 diamond, has larger diamonds (and by default is a little wider total from side to side). I decided to dye these before I waxed them and it was the first time I have tried after hearing how hard it was due to the run and wicking. I was going to dip a bit of the mesh into some Gold dye and shoot for a "golden fade" and here is my hypothesis...either dying isn't that hard or Stringer's Shack mesh has a super tight weave, because I felt that I could control the wicking pretty easily...that it moved one half a row above the dye, the same for both pieces. I then waxed both of them and strung the Ultralight in the head I took the Semi-Hard out of. Looks super cool if I do say so but more importantly with 10 minutes of wall and back to the pocket stretcher, this one is going to be a BEAST! I already am in love with my traditional, but the stick with the Hybrid mesh and now this Golden Fade head are going to be fighting for my attention!!!

The 20mm isn't strung yet but I can't wait to try it and the kids have a half day today which opens up the gym wall early so I might put an hour in with the Golden Fade...more to come!

Let's support each other, this product and price CAN'T be beat...and no offence but if Stringer's Shack had cool T-shirts and a Youtube channel everyone would know who they are!

Three Thumbs Up



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