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Is it worth it?

Hey guys, today I wanted to hear your opinions on waxed mesh. Is it actually worth it? I need new mesh and I'm considering getting throne mesh but something bothers me about having to pay 15$ for it when I could pick up hard mesh for as little as 3$. It is a great product but is it worth it? Please comment with your opinion and reason. Thanks guys!


  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    Yes, it is 100% worth it. I use it in most every stick I string. Its incerdibly worth it for its hold without adding whip, the pocket will break in almost instantly and will stay true to its form, and its incredibly easy to string. I started using it about 8 months ago and strung around 200 pockets with various forms of it and the only thing so far I don't like about it is the price. Definitely go check out Their stuff is amazing, I'm actually stringing a goalie head with their 12D right now.
  • stickmanlaxstickmanlax Antwerp,Belgium
    Try it! Splash those 15$ just ones. If you don't like it you'll be back buying 3$ hardmesh in no time. I bet you will like it and you will not regret paying a little more. Also do some research, there are a lot of people making waxmesh and trying to sell there product on social media. Maybe you have someone closeby who knows how to make it, thats another way to save some bucks. :)
  • It's great to hear from you guys! I'll definitely take your thoughts into consideration, thanks so much!
    Kevin Rowen
  • In agreement with stickmanlax... Do your research before you go and buy your mesh though, you'd be surprised at what you can find! Just beware of the cheap Instagram "companies" lol... Thats the reason we started making ours. 1) Been playing/stringing for over 10 yrs, and dont know why anyone didnt think of this sooner... Doesnt bag in the rain, and breaks in instantly, all while staying consistent through the elements. and 2) we noticed that there were a few companies who were a tad bit "over-zealous" with their asking prices for their product(s)... So we offered ours, check our work out! Best wishes, in your quest, to finding the perfect mesh!
  • Its personal preference really but i would highly recommend it. Im a freshman in college and i made the switch just before fall ball started and the consistency that wax mesh offers is amazing. The mesh doesn't bag out and isn't effected by rain or humidity in the air. I would personally recommend wax mesh to anyone restringing their sticks, specifically East Coast Dyes 15 mm mesh (since this is what i've had my success with).
  • Check us out on Instagram! We sell white mesh for only $10!
  • elmoximelmoxim Hopedale, MA
    Sometimes it's hard to justify money being thrown away until you think about that "One Time" you missed a shot/pass/catch and was that "One Time" worth $8?

    I love wax mesh and while I have active sticks with traditional and un-waxed mesh, the wax mesh make me more comfortable.

    I have used MarcMesh and ZimmaWax (not ECD) but the best thing I did about a year ago was to start to wax my own. Aluminum lasagna tray and $20 at a craft store to buy both candle and bee's wax (I just recently added a huge scoop of Vaseline to the batch) and all you need is some soft mesh and some time to experiment! Wax mesh without spending $15-20!!

    Remember, we are adding wax to thread, not creating artificial be careful of the claims "learning your throwing style" and "remembering your pocket". Wax mesh is taking soft mesh and making it less soft while adding a tacky surface that can repel water to an extent....

  • "Remember, we are adding wax to thread, not creating artificial be careful of the claims "learning your throwing style" and "remembering your pocket". Wax mesh is taking soft mesh and making it less soft while adding a tacky surface that can repel water to an extent...." LOL.....wicked funny

  • pagano92pagano92 Ontario, Canada
    1000% worth it, doesn't bag out in the wet morning grass, comes out of the package nice (depending on the brand), get to play in the rain without worrying about damaging your pocket, even get to go toss the ball around and shoot in the rain, and it lasts long. east coast mesh is the best wax mesh I have ever used and you should definitely give it a try, it is in tons of retail stores now.
  • its completely worth it, ive used most of the major brands for waxed mesh and theyre all great. Throne Mesh has great dye designs and preforms awesome in the cold and wet. East Coast Mesh performs great in heat ( i live in vegas) and in most conditions, if u like tacky, more waxy mesh, then ecm is the best for u. Chillax Mesh is a good all around mesh. My favorite, though, is String King type 1x mesh is my favorite. It isnt made out of nylon and they make everything themselves, from shooters to nylons to their mesh. They dont just order everything in and coat it in wax. The mesh is made by them (not out of nylon, so it isnt affected by weather) and then they inject a resin into it. It is EXTREMELY easy to string and i recommend it to anyone looking for quality mesh. I recommend any of those brands and if u have any questions just contact me through here
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