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Pat and Brad Ep.3: A look into the flaws of High school Lacrosse Culture?

If you haven't herd of Pat and Brad before I encourage you to look up there YouTube videos. Pat and Brad are two high school players whose shows on The Lacrosse Network YouTube channel bring humor to many topics involving the game. From their weapon of choice episode, to their episode about lacrosse goal celebrations or "cellys". But in Pat and Brads most recent episode the duo make fun of things such as flow, tilt, and swag or lack there of with a mock PSA of a humorous fake disease called Seconded Bar Syndrome or (SBS). SBS is then described as the lack of things that make a lacrosse player a "player" if that makes sense. While very funny and meant not to be taken seriously the guys bring up a serious problem within the sport at the high school level.
In my generation of lacrosse players (graduate class of 2015) there is a huge emphasis on things that do not actually make a player better or determine there level of skill. One of those things is something called tilt, that is the angle of which your helmet sit on top of your head. With this generation of players the way your helmet looks holds the same importance as say how well you are able to read the field or make plays. That is something that has progressed from the materialistic part of are society. The idea that by buying something or looking a certain way gives you the instant status of someone who has achieved great things in the sport. The ideology of a instant pay of with little work is something that is not addressed soon could theoretically affect the level of players that are produce over the next few years for the younger generations. What do you think?

Pat and Brads S2 Episode 3:\_gdata
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