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PCLL Meeting News

socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
Today was the PCLL league meeting. Some major changes took place. Of note:

*The executive board voted in new people in each position. As follows.
Commissioner: Dan Morris (relieving Ben Clark)
Vice Commissioner/Eligibility: William Wezenter (myself, relieving Jeremy Skorinko)
Treasurer: Al Lattell (relieving Dan Morris)
Secretary: Jim Morin (relieving Al Lattell)

*New teams were added both formally and provisionally.
Framingham State voted in, official PCLL Div II member, giving PCLL DII North 5 teams, and PCLL DII South 5 teams.
SUNY Purchase, Columbia, and University of Bridgeport to play provisional schedules, and will be voted on in Fall 2014 league meeting as to whether they will have met our standards to join conference.

*Teams leaving PCLL
Boston University has moved on to NCAA D1.
US Coast Guard Academy to leave PCLL DII after Spring 2014 for NCAA DIII

*Other notes
Brown University to host PCLL Semi's and Finals (barring any major proposal from another school in conference.)
WPI and Maine are interviewing coaches (So if you're in those areas and wish to apply, they are listed on laxpower under vacancies)

I believe that is the major info coming out of the PCLL. If anything else comes to me, I will post here.
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