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Defensive Heads/Gonzo Mesh

With one more fall season under the belt another lacrosse head is warped to a point of no return. So begins the late fall/Christmas hunt for a new head. With a reemergence in many defense specific heads in lacrosse company line ups such as Warriors Revo 3X, STX Proton U, STX Hammer, STX X10, or any other defensive heads. The question is what has been your experience with any of these heads or witch one would you recommend. Also what is your opionion on gonzo mesh? Is it a simple fad or does the idea of pre-formed rubber coated mesh have validity as a concept?


  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    For heads, I would recommend the Hammer, a teammates of mine has used both the X10, Proton U, and Hammer and between the three, the Hammer is better defensively. It is one of the first defensive minded heads, made for defense. Easy to string, stiff, and good enough to stand a season or two, depending how much you play.

    Gonzo mesh is good, I don't know if I like the pre formed part of it but so far I haven't found a great deal detrimental about it. But I would use any wax mesh if you can. Gonzo is an ok option.
    taschemb[Deleted User]
  • I'll keep that in mind I was leaning towards maybe the Revo 3X or Proton U but the hammer may just be the better option. My theory on gonzo mesh is that because it's a rubber mesh a rubber to rubber contact as in the ball would be more hold than a normal wax mesh.
  • do not buy an x10 ater one season it was no longer stiff enough for normal play i woud recomend stx hammer of an original excalaber
  • Alright I'll keep that in mind I he'd the same thing from a few people about the X10s
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