2014 Youth Lacrosse Rule Revisions

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image2014 Youth Lacrosse Rule Revisions

US Lacrosse recently released 2014 rules changes and points of emphasis for the 2014 lacrosse season. Although not a ton has changed, the US Lacrosse rules committee continues to make advances toward keeping young athletes safe while competing in a full contact sport.

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  • That was quite the read, but well worth it. Thank you for highlighting the key changes. I like all of these rules. Emphasizing safety, especially at a young age is imperative. We want our sport to be around as long as possible, and that means caring for and teaching the younger players.
    Mark Donahue
  • Will JordanWill Jordan Massachusetts
    I would agree with all of these except for the goalie elbow pads and 3 yard rule. Although it is a safety concern, it should be the players and parents choice in that case. As for the 3 yard rule, I feel that 5 yards is perfect if the ball is rolling and considering the unpredictability of some grass fields. The new safety rules supporting player safety are great, and will have more parents who have shied away in the past letting their kids play.
    Mark Donahue
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