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playing lacrosse since freshmen year

i started playing lacrosse when i entered high school and fell in love with it. My sophomore year i started at attack and scored my first goal, i'm now about to play my third year of it. Im writing this in the hopes that other people have had the same experience as i have had.
Ryan Mulvaney


  • I started playing in fith grade (not quite the same) and am just entering my sophomore season as a starting pole glad you enjoy the game
  • jonnya2007jonnya2007 Nottingham, England
    edited November 2013
    Like many lacrosse players in the UK, I started playing in my first year of university. And of course, went crazy for it. I played field hockey (Popular, male dominated British sport) before so I was used to having a stick in my hand and picked it up pretty quickly.

    Naturally sucked in my first year but practised throughout the summer almost daily - came back and scored every game in the second year. Would loved to have picked the sport up sooner. Good luck in your third year !
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    Mark Donahue
  • Kevin RowenKevin Rowen LAS Editorial Intern SoCal
    @rabil99 thanks for sharing your story! I started playing a little earlier than that (6th Grade!), but I still remember scoring my first goal in the last game of the season. Good luck this year!
  • Richard BosRichard Bos Groningen, Netherlands
    Didn't start playing till I got to college (I was 20). Fell in love with it, played goalie for 6 or-so years, including a short stint with the Dutch National team in 2008. Spent some months playing in Baltimore as a midfielder, sharing the field with Hopkins, Loyola, Mt. Saint Mary's grads. Nowadays I play attack, but am yet to score my first official goal (scrimmages don't count).

    Enjoy the game and you'll see how much it can give you (I've made plenty of international friends because of lacrosse).
  • thanks for sharing your stories
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