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My Own Kind of Lax Hack

jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
edited November 2013 in Open Forum
Hey Guys,
I know that the whole Lax Hack was an LAS thing, but without meaning to, I came up with my own.

Yesterday here in NC, it was raining like crazy on one of our days off, and I was really itching to shoot and get some reps. Problem was, the grass was a puddle in my back yard near where I keep my goal, and was even worse at school. After hours of rain, I decided to chance that our field was good enough to shoot. I had driven all the way to school only to be disappointed by the huge puddles before me.

Well, I was determined and didn't want to make my 15 minute drive to school count for nothing, so I looked for an alternative. After putting on running shoes, never use cleats on a tennis court, and then taking a towel to the few puddles it contained, I put one of our school goals in the tennis courts we have. It turned out well, I could play wallball on the hard wall at the court and had decent space to shoot and dodge. I highly recommend it if you have rain this winter or coming spring and have no where to shoot, if you have a court and a goal nearby it.
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  • Ryan MulvaneyRyan Mulvaney Supreme Overlord Caldwell, ID
    My HS team would practice on the tennis courts at the park where our practice field was. We always had snow on the ground during the first few weeks of the season but for some reason the tennis courts were always plowed. It was fun getting half field drills in until you got dropped and had some nasty court rash on your arms.
  • justalaxbrojustalaxbro East Lansing, MI
    I actually did this a bunch over my HS lacrosse career, it works very well. The only unfortunate part was that the tennis courts I used were old and kind of nasty and cracked, so the balls rolled all over the place after I shot, including out of the goal, and a few rolled under the fence (Stupid old tennis courts in the woods). It worked though, haha, and I got my shots in until my arms were about ready to fall off...
    jackmishRyan MulvaneyARCHONLacrosse
  • edited December 2013
    I test shot speed for ARCHON prototype heads on the tennis court as well...well at least when im not at the indoor facility. And i know what your saying @justalaxbro about your arms falling off...I usually shoot till my fingures bleed and my feet have that point i finally realize that i have to wait until i heal up again before i can go back out and shoot, but hey thats what tape is for. #growthegame
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  • Glad to see you found a way to make it happen. Difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions.
  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    As Plato said, necessity is the mother of invention.
    spetrucci98Michael AllenARCHONLacrosse
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