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My Own Kind of Lax Hack

jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
edited November 2013 in Open Forum
Hey Guys,
I know that the whole Lax Hack was an LAS thing, but without meaning to, I came up with my own.

Yesterday here in NC, it was raining like crazy on one of our days off, and I was really itching to shoot and get some reps. Problem was, the grass was a puddle in my back yard near where I keep my goal, and was even worse at school. After hours of rain, I decided to chance that our field was good enough to shoot. I had driven all the way to school only to be disappointed by the huge puddles before me.

Well, I was determined and didn't want to make my 15 minute drive to school count for nothing, so I looked for an alternative. After putting on running shoes, never use cleats on a tennis court, and then taking a towel to the few puddles it contained, I put one of our school goals in the tennis courts we have. It turned out well, I could play wallball on the hard wall at the court and had decent space to shoot and dodge. I highly recommend it if you have rain this winter or coming spring and have no where to shoot, if you have a court and a goal nearby it.
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