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Mesh Buyer's Guide 2013

edited December 2013 in Gear Reviews
imageMesh Buyer's Guide 2013

One of our gifts to you this holiday season is a Buyer's Guide for some of the hottest high performance, wax, dyed, and/or rubberized lacrosse mesh available. Every single piece of mesh on the market may not be included in the guide, but it covers the vast majority of the major players. At the same time, that doesn't mean there aren't other quality mesh pieces being put out by other companies out there too!

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  • Ryan MulvaneyRyan Mulvaney Supreme Overlord Caldwell, ID
    No reason to look any further on what type of mesh to buy. This is definitely a great help for players, family, and friends looking to buy mesh and stringing kits for the holidays. I gotta link a few people to this page before they do all their holiday shopping.
    Michael AllenMark DonahueLaxAllStars
  • Mark DonahueMark Donahue Video King! Boise, ID
  • First, let me say that the Chillax Custom is very impressive work, which I've seen first hand. The work that Nick Coyne does with mesh is truly amazing.

    That said, deal with Chillax Customs at your own risk. I set up a trade with Nick for a custom dyed head and custom mesh in February. I still haven't received anything from him and now he has taken to ignoring emails, and deleting my request for a status update on Facebook. I feel that have been very patient waiting for my head, but to give you an idea of my experience:

    He received my package at the end of February.

    I emailed him in at the beginning of April and he responded that he was testing dyes and dying techniques to get the dye job right.

    A month later, in May, I emailed him for an update, but received no response.

    After over a month, I emailed him again in June, and I suggested that if the dye was too difficult we could do something else. He responded to that email stating that his first attempt came out bad and was going to reattempt with a new head.

    After two months of with no updates, I emailed him in September, and he replied that he was going to work on the head "today/tomorrow" and in the process of cutting the vinyl decals for the dye.

    Almost two month later, I send him an email in November, but get no response.

    On Friday night I posted a comment on the Chillax Customs Facebook page asking for a status, but never got a response. The comment, which was not rude or offensive, was deleted when I looked Saturday morning.

    After seeing it was deleted, I emailed Nick trying once again to get an update, but I haven't gotten an update.
  • chillaxcustomschillaxcustoms DFW, TX
    edited February 19
    "On Feb 11, 2014, at 3:34 PM, Eric Keown wrote:

    Glad to hear it Nick and I apologize for losing faith and any stress I may have been adding to your situation. I really wasn't worried until my comment was deleted from Facebook and there wasn't any sort of response; at that point, in my mind, it went from Nick is really busy to I am being ignored/stolen from. However, your email today was a pleasant surprise, so thank you for that."

    Due to some family/personal issues, we were away for a while, but were back and ready to make it up to the community! No excuses.

    Post edited by chillaxcustoms on
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