A Deep Look Into The USLL

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imageA Deep Look Into The USLL

It has recently been announced that the new United States Lacrosse League (USLL) is set to get off the ground in the fall of 2014, and information on the first franchise for the new league, the Maine Moose Trax, has also been released. From the media coverage so far, things are looking really rosy for the USLL... but is the picture really so bright for this new American box lacrosse league?

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  • conlax14conlax14 Milford, MA
    This is a fantastic article. Great job and I'm keeping my optimism for now. We'll see what happens over the next few months.
    Mark Donahueboxlanews
  • Great Article. I was heart broken when the Baltimore Bombers failed because it was the first time I saw box lacrosse live and I am a college student. I didn't understand why the leagues failed. But I do now. I hope they have it right and if they have to wait til 2015 to start I rather them do that than push and start early just to fail again. America needs a American Box league. Maybe a Minor league to the NLL like some of the Canadian leagues are for the NLL in a way. I think the NLL should come help. Like Coach Cottle says : A High tide raises all ships". If these league succeeds it only can only help the NLL and increase their talent poll. Plus give player cut because of the shorter roster a place to go and improve.
  • boxlanewsboxlanews Minneapolis, MN
    I would also like to see another boxla league succeed in North America. Based on what is on "paper" (because that is all the USLL is [a website] at the moment) I have my doubts. Maine GM Josh Plowman lists coaching 3rd grad lax on the team website! Nick Desrosiers/DC Sports own Jersey Rascals (team-two) and the league commish presently owns team-three (Kentucky Stickhorses).

    I am going to choose (& encourage others) to support the current leagues: CILL and CLax. I wish USLL the best, but seeing is believing...
    scriffMark Donahue
  • Does anyone know what's going on with the USLL? Did it fold already?
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