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Money Mesh, Helpful or Hurtful?

As many of you may know, Money mesh by Jimalax was just recently released. This thread is to talk about this new mesh to the market, and whether it is helping the lacrosse community or hurting it. Before you all go and discuss, I would like to bring up a few pros and cons myself.

Pros: The mesh looks awesome, and the wax formula has gotten better.
Players can customize their game even more.
Stringing companies can now use this mesh to make some extra money.

Cons: Many smaller companies that make their own custom dyed mesh (laceandlaxmesh, powlax, etc.) are being run out of business
Because of the 1st reason, the community may decrease in size
The mesh is super cheap, also degrading mesh from other companies.

There are more I could list, but I want you all to discuss. The cons mainly focus on the community and small businesses that are trying to make it. Jimalax is one of the best lacrosse companies out there, and I buy mesh from them all the time (I get mesh from stringersshack too) but Moneymesh has been a big controversy among small businesses. Also, not knowing what category this would fit in, but since Jimalax uses a mesh loom machine, they can only really do linear designs, so some smaller businesses are able to still sell their own mesh as customizations. Thanks for reading. Now, discuss!


  • afrolaxerafrolaxer Sacramento
    I just got money mesh in my laxallstars grab bag along with the Easton Stealth US head. Previously I was using east coast mesh in a STX super power with not the best pocket. With the Easton Stealth I strung up a beautiful mid-low pocket with the money mesh. Going from East Coast mesh to money mesh I can really feel the difference. Money mesh doesn't have nearly as much hold as east coast does, but I find money mesh to have a softer release and is just a bit easier to string. Over all is this "Money Mesh" really different from any other type of mesh? I don't really think its all that special. Don't get me wrong I love the stuff, but is it worth buying this from JimLax or some small time company is the real question and I think you can get the same quality mesh just about anywhere.
  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    I too got the same stuff in my bag, and I strung a solid mid pocket in my stealth. I usually use stringer shack half hard or ECM and the fact that the price of money mesh is even that close to ECD's price of their 15mm is astounding. It's not a bad mesh, but it's not worth the price, I don't dislike the mesh and I like my pocket in the Stealth I got from LAS, but at that price I personally would not buy it, not slamming the product I just don't see what the money goes to.
  • I understand that people like a certain feel I'm their pocket, that's why there are so many different types of wax mesh with a different stickiness or softness. But the colors are another thing. They can pump the colors out quick. People who were trying to make their own dyed mesh are having a harder time selling their mesh because jimalax had the machines. I love jimalax mesh, but I'm not sure about money mesh. I also got a piece with the grab bag, I still like the wax mesh feel. I also like how the water beads off with wax mesh, so it is kind of weird that money mesh absorbs it, but still is water proof. Isn't the main point of waterproofing mesh by waxing to not allow water to be absorbed, so the pocket doesn't change, and so that the water doesn't at any extra weight?
  • Michael AllenMichael Allen Boise, ID
    edited January 8
    Jimalax has always turned out quality products. They've been in business since 2000 and have been able to establish themselves as one of the biggest mesh companies. Kids that start dipping mesh and selling it have nowhere the experience or resources to turn out a product that can compete with the big boys of the mesh world. Hand dippers simply can't produce the same consistency as a Jimalax. I've tried dozens of wax or performance mesh variants and to be honest, some are much better than others.

    Money Mesh is a completely new product. It's a new material, new construction, and a new coating that makes it unlike your standard wax/performance mesh. I've personally been using MM for a few weeks and I'd rank it up there with some of the better meshes I've tried. I'd much rather buy from Jima before some kid on Instagram. Jimalax, ECD, and String King (just to name a few) are a big players in the mesh game and not everyone can compete with those that are well established. Sure, Jimalax is cutting into others' sales but they're only trying to keep innovating and putting out a better product each time.

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  • elmoximelmoxim Hopedale, MA
    I'm confused, I don't see where Jimalax refers to Money Mesh as a "wax mesh". I ALSO got a piece in my grab bag (great move by the way, that is a lot of MM in the hands of players who just got a new head!!) and to me it felt like the new move towards "soft but not 'soft' " mesh. String King released a new "thinner" 1S mesh that feels similar and Stringers Shack has their Ultralight line (awesome stuff) but none of those are "waxed".

    I wax my own mesh...I have a tray of wax I melt and dip into it soft mesh I buy from someone else, am I a small business? I'm a grown up and a coach and my players (and my son) use "my" wax mesh but should I be taken seriously against East Coast Dyes? I started to wax my own mesh when I thought I could save money instead of buying JimaWax at $20 a wack (because I bought a LOT, great product and the only one I knew of at the time). The process is fun and I feel like a STRINGER when I am waxing my own mesh...when you factor in time am I really saving money? Probably not. Nor do I think I have a product I would tell ComLax to sell for $20 next to JimaWax of ECD!

    If there is a kid out there who indeed has reinvented the pocket, players in the internet age will find it. Free commerce will get us ALL great innovation at a great price point...but right now I would invest in a company who is going all-in on the Traditional craze! ;)

    Michael Allenjackmishstringershack
  • ChuckChuck British Columbia
    There are always innovations in any sport for any given product, I don't see it as hurtful having Money mesh on the market. Players have preferences and always will, those who do custom dyes produce what catches the eye. Mesh along with a head dye are the only real ways a player can personalize any Lax equipment, other than their number a player is one of many on their chosen surface of play (box/field). Players for the most part will stay loyal to what they help feels elevate their performance, I have money mesh but I do custom dyes and have my own wax blend as well. I buy the Jimalax soft mesh so I can produce custom mesh. Preference, performance as well as training equate to the player's confidence.
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