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MCLA Pre-Season Poll

Well, the 2014 schedules have been released and the season's right around the corner! The official pre-season polls should be dropping soon, so why not post our versions of the pre-season polls, since its always fun to do. Honestly don't know as much about D.II as I do D.I, so I'm sure someone will comeup with a D.II poll... Anyway
Here's mine:
1. CSU
2. ASU
3. Colorado
4. BYU
(5-8 are toss-ups, could be re-arranged multiple ways)
5. Sonoma St.
6. Stanford
7. Chapman
9. Oregon
10. Mich St.
11. Texas
12. Boston College
13. GCU
14. OSU
15. UConn
16. Minn-Duluth
17. Cal
18. SFU
19. Davenport
20. Georgia
21. Cal Poly
22. Pitt
23. Arizona
24. Virginia Tech
25. Northeastern

Minnesota, Indiana, Buffalo, Clemson
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