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PNCLL Pre-Season Poll

Like the national poll, the conference polls should be coming out soon.. Actually I think a couple have already been released, but here's my prediction for D.I PNCLL:
1. Oregon
2. Oregon St.
3. Simon Fraser
(4 & 5 could go either way)
4. Washington
5. Boise State
6. Montana
7. Idaho
8. Washington St.
9. Portland St.

And D.II:
1. WOU
2. Portland
(Like D.I, 3 & 4 could go either way)
3. Gonzaga
4. WWU
5. SOU
6. Whitman
7. College of Idaho
8. CWU
9. UPS
10. PLU


  • Ryan MulvaneyRyan Mulvaney Supreme Overlord Caldwell, ID
    Not to show any bias here but be on the lookout for College of Idaho this year. The team looked great during fall ball and we have a lot of new and returning talent on the team.
  • Oregon has a new coach again this year. Oregon grad Justin Eckenroad. Go Ducks.
  • On the D1 side, having seen a common opponent against both UO and OSU this fall. The Beavs have to be early favorites again. The Ducks are very talented and deeper than last year but they are young. Eckenroad has his hands full but nothing he can't handle. Should be another good Civil War game in late April.

    D2 is a real toss up after the number 1 spot. In the South I think the remaining four teams could have a realistic shot at grabbing the #2 or #3 playoff spot. SOU looked good this fall and they might even give WOU a good game this year. UP takes a huge graduation hit but I have a lot of faith in Wilkerson to keep the Pilots from falling off. I know Gier was really high on College of Idaho's incoming class and last year's team looked like the most athletic squad I've seen in a long time. Whitman looked very rough this fall, but Whitman was playing games this fall, something I have never witnessed. If that is a sign that they are motivated they can be a contender as well.

    In the North, I have no clue what's going on. Gonzaga should be good, but how good is hard to tell, they had a lot of seniors last year who still had eligibility left. I see they have a new coach as well. WWU should be favored if Goodman, Wettack, and Hatcher are back but if their current schedule (please someone tell me games haven't showed up yet) confuses me. I think CWU picks up the default #3 seed out of the north.

    So my current top 10 goes 1. WOU 2. WWU 3. SOU 4. GU 5. UP 6. CofI 7. Whit 8. CWU 9. UPS 10. PLU
    Ryan MulvaneyNWLaxer206
  • If Gonzaga's new coach is the same Sully Sullivan from OES, I would would rank them 2nd behind WOU.
  • @503 What I heard from a current GU player was that the new coach's name is Sully and he went to UVU my guess would be Larry Sullivan and Sully is a nickname he goes by. I didn't hear is actual first name so I didn't want to post that if it were incorrect (technically he just said the guy went to UVU but I made the assumption he played ther). It probably is him and if so he has player experience on what it takes to make it all the way to the National Championship game.
  • Anyone know if WWU is planning on playing the minimum 8 game schedule this year? They show five with a sixth required game against PLU not listed.
  • D-1

    1) Oregon State – Defending champs who return my preseason Offensive Player of the Year Ben Dill.
    2) Oregon – Returns last season’s MVP but brings in a coach who is known to a lot of the players as a drinking buddy, so they drop to #2.
    3) Simon Fraser – Two very big shoes to fill, Sam Clare is good, but is he good enough to bump them to nationals?
    4) Boise State – There is Simon Fraser, then there are fifty layers of crap, then there is the next best team.
    5) Washington – April 20th will be a big game as Washington travels to Boise for what might be a game to lock up the last playoff spot.
    6) Montana – They win the games they should, now they just need to start winning the games they shouldn’t.
    7) Idaho – They finished the season respectfully, let’s hope they can keep that moving forward.
    8) Washington State – Maybe they should be higher, but only three wins against D-1 teams since re-joining the league.
    9) Portland State – If they bring back the same team they had last season, I can see them jumping up a couple spots, but they just graduated too much


    1) Western Washington – Return pretty much the entire team except Patmont in goal and Goodman on defense.
    2) Western Oregon – Big losses in Tyler Bolton and Logan Marks stand out, also bringing a new coaching staff gives Western Washington the nod.
    3) Gonzaga – Probably should be a top 25 team this year and could win the tournament if Weigand can still be productive without Hidler.
    4) Portland – They only stay this high because of Wilkerson, losing McAnnis, Timm, Gloyd, and Henry are too much for anyone to replace.
    5) Southern Oregon – They will make games close, but Brown has never been able to win the big games and hasn’t beaten a “Western” this decade.
    6) Whitman – Schmitz is back and Whitman has never lost to College of Idaho and only once to Central Washington, so they remain ahead of College of Idaho and Central Washington.
    7) Central Washington - I don’t think Central Washington is better than College of Idaho, but I am impressed with their schedule and I think it will help them out in the long run.
    8) College of Idaho – A very favorable schedule will give them a couple extra wins, maybe they should talk to the league about moving to the North division so they can have a better chance of making the playoffs.
    9) Puget Sound – The only team that had more goalies (three) than players that scored at least ten goals (one).
    10) Pacific Lutheran – Graduate their only two double digit goal scorers and the only goalie they have listed on their roster.
  • 1) Oregon State – Defending champs who return my preseason Offensive Player of the Year Ben Dill.
    2) Oregon – Returns last season’s MVP but brings in a coach who is known to a lot of the players as a drinking buddy, so they drop to #2.
    @seataclax I agree with the ranking here but I don't see how you can say that Eckenroad is "known to a lot of players as a drinking buddy." Only 3 players by my count on this year's UO squad were ever teammates with Eck. I think a better argument would be that this is their third coach in three years because Eckenroad does a good job building trust from his teams and getting them to buy in which was evidenced to me this fall.
  • seataclax said:

    1) Oregon State – Defending champs who return my preseason Offensive Player of the Year Ben Dill.
    2) Oregon – Returns last season’s MVP but brings in a coach who is known to a lot of the players as a drinking buddy, so they drop to #2.

    The SeaTac view of all teams of Oregon lacrosse has always been a jaded one, at best.
    seataclax said:

    6) Whitman – Schmitz is back

    There is, however, one universal truth for lacrosse in the state of Washington: when we all are dead, Dave Schmitz will be coaching at Whitman.

  • Oregon 14 - WOU 11. This game might just be a labeled as a scrimmage and won't be counted, this score should draw a lot of attention.
  • @seataclax Very good early season game by both squads clearly both teams have a lot to work on before the regular season but I think it was a good test for both. Still upset for the goal that all three refs managed to miss see bounce off the back of the net and out but at least it was preseason.
  • Great game between the Ducks and Wolves last Saturday. Both teams showed a lot of talent and potential. I was extremely impressed with the Wolves. They really hung in the game as the score reflects. Believe they're on the way to LA next May.

    By the way - was the 20-0 score from the PSU v UP a type-o? I hope.
  • Is WWU not going to enter in stats for the 2nd year in a row? I find it pretty pathetic that a team of that caliber cannot put a schedule together on time or enter stats when they are due....
  • @CWULax21 I guess the current fines (if they are being handed out) are not enough to motivate them. Something tells me you start with something like "post season ban" and those stats (readily available by the opponent) might just make their way online.
  • How hilarious is it that the stats are available on Simon Fraser's box score report, but even with that they can't make a few clicks to put them onto the league page. I'd call it lazy, but I don't think I can make an argument that not clicking a mouse is lazy. After all this it must just be to make a point.

    It could be like Dumb Starbucks where WWU not entering stats is some kind of performance art. And maybe we all are part of it by talking about it.
  • This isn't just a D2 problem. Oregon has not entered any of their recent stats, and even their previous games are inputted inaccurately. Their goalie has a 100% save percentage and judging by the scores I'm going to assume that's not accurate.

    When one of the biggest name teams in the MCLA choose to ignore protocol it gives ammunition to the pundits who call us a beer league.
    Jeff Brunellechriscurtis
  • So I can give WWU a piece of advice regarding stats.
    Step 1 provide a stat book
    Step 2 don't assume the visiting team will staff your table

    I don't know who to blame for the inability to follow basic instructions but I don't want to put WWU opponents or even their own players vanity at a disadvantage so here are the WWU player season cumulative stats. (Source: Game film from both SFU and WOU games.) I didn't bother counting individual GBs of PIM for WWU.

    #11 Jordan Foster - A - 6g, 4a, 10p, 5.00ppg
    #42 Jon Wettack - M - 4g, 6a, 10p, 5.00ppg
    #20 Jacob Goodman - A - 6g, 1a, 7p, 3.50ppg
    #24 Michael Hatcher - M - 4g, 1a, 5p, 2.50ppg
    #22 Alex Rabin - M - 2g, 0a, 2p, 1.00ppg
    #9 Justin Ross - M - 1g, 0a, 1p, 0.50ppg
    #4 Peter Linton - M - 1g, 0a, 1p, 0.50ppg
    #3 Alex Bus - M - 0g, 1a, 1p, 0.50ppg
    #33 Jordan Johnson - G - 21sv, 32ga, GAA 16.00, SPG 10.50, sv%0.400

    I'm sort of torn though I don't think any current PNCLL coach should include a WWU player on their post season award ballot until all stats have been inputted online. @CWULax21 Thoughts?
  • I was under that assumption that if a team fails to meet the minimum requirements (stats, pics, etc) they lose the right for their players to be part of the post season awards.... I can tell you that I have no respect for a program that does that at this level, and will not vote for any of those players. I can't wait to see the "fines" given to WWU for refusal to input their stats. You can bet that I'll be talking about it in September at the AGM!
  • @CWULax21 Where did you hear that about not being eligible? Also what do you consider complete stats? For example in 2013 WOU, UP, SOU, CWU, and PLU almost entered complete stats every game with an blank in a few categories for only one or two games. But teams like GU, UPS, and CofI basically did not input Faceoff or GB stats for almost every game but at least entered points and goalie stats. Then their is the WWU and Whitman stats that are basically blank for almost every game. Well Whitman got their points in and sometimes WWU would put in their points but no Faceoff or GB stats and often times no saves or goals against recorded either. Hopefully this is a new rule?
  • @chriscurtis‌ I thought I heard it at the AGM this past fall. They put a big emphasis on teams training their score/stat keepers and putting ALL stats into the admin..... but I could be wrong? Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part haha
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