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MLL Supplemental Draft - Names & Grades

edited December 2013 in Major League Lacrosse
imageMLL Supplemental Draft - Names & Grades

Below you can find each Major League Lacrosse franchise's supplemental draft picks for 2013. The biggest names in the game might not be involved in this draft, but this is where teams fill holes and build strong foundations. So pay attention... it's important!

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  • edited December 2013
    reading CW's material is so much more tolerable than that dunce Devitte's over at IL
    Post edited by tonyperkis on
    Mark Donahue
  • Agree with much of this insight, as usual... except regarding Devon Wills. I don't think she will ever see playing time in the MLL, but I do think this news does help GTG (at least on the women's side). I understand that GTG is often misused or over used, but look at the comments already on the USLacrosse site from the parents who have young daughters playing goalie - this news is really exciting to them and that excitement will help grow the women's game (motivating girls to work harder, making the sport more visible overall). I get that it's not a direct effect, but still growing the game, right?
    Mark Donahuescearley
  • Tired of the dswingers worried that two X chromosomes somehow mean an inability to perform on the field.

    Know what grows the game? Proving that the sport TRULY is about the best possible players.
    Not going with the tired conceit what's stashed in a player's cup somehow determines field quality.

    How does this grow the game? It proves that the top players equally get a chance at breaking the pros.

    If you don't like it go play baseball. Those neandertals still think being a woman means you aren't supposed to do anything more complicated than look pretty.
  • Scearly, do you honestly think she's one of the best Men's (not as in male, but Men's lacrosse) goalies? The women's game and the men's game is completely different. She's obviously a fantastic women's goalie, but this is akin to an MLB team signing the best female softball player in the world.

    It would be a different story if she had a history of playing the men's game at a very high level, but she doesn't.
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