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Royal High School- New Coach, New Beginning!

I am incredibly excited for this upcoming season. I play d pole for the Royal High School JV team (coach s talking about bumping up to Varsity, though) and this year we have a new coach who is completely turning things around. Last year, our school won TWO games. And those victories were both against our cross town rivals, whose lacrosse team was in its first year. Of course, so was Royal High School. I was terrified this year as an incoming freshman, but the coach from last year left! This year, we have a new coach who flew in from Boston, and he is doing amazing things with our program. Stu got Chris Panos to help coordinate our offense, he has called his friends from D1 to come give us team only face off and dodging clinics, and has also gotten in touch with the USC athletic director, and the men's team is scheduled to play either Stanford or UCSB on our HOME FIELD!!!! He is currently in touch with a few companies to help get us corporate sponsorships, as well. He has brought in a whole new conditioning scheme, and is putting together weekend study sessions for the whole team to help them pull up their grades. I apologize for the long post, and I realize I didn't ask any questions, but I figured I'd just let you know to look out for Royal this year in the Marmonte League! Who knows, we might even beat Westlake :)


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