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Realignment? Seattle U currently has 5 PNCLL D2 scrimmages scheduled, Great Falls has 0 PNCLL D2, but 1 with Montana, 2 with Montana State, 1 with Mines. Will this count towards admittance?





  • @503LaxGhost I've been speculating that the voting for Great Falls could be really heated between D1 and D2 with neither side wanting to admit them in their respective division. Your D2 North/South/East split looks reasonable I assume your "WU" is Whitman College not Willamette University?
  • @C2 - sorry to diss my team, but yes it's WC.

    Great Falls would be a better PNCLL D1 travel stop to play them and Montana, or a RMLC D2 travel stop to combine with a MSU game. Did they state a D1 or D2 preference at the annual meeting? From their scheduling it looks like D1.
  • @503laxghost I don't remember GF stating a D1 vs. D2 preference. I think one could make a really good argument that UGF be admitted to D1 and then split the Division East/West. In the West you have SFU, UW, PSU, OSU, and UO and in the East WSU, UI, BSU, UM, and UGF. With this split, all but three teams (not including UGF) would lower their average mileage per opponent. The three teams that would have to travel further on average would be WSU (3 miles more), OSU (4 miles more), and UO (16 miles more).

    There is a much greater travel impact on D2 plus both D1 and D2 would have an even 10 teams again.
  • @C2 Your analysis makes sense for D1 from a travel perspective. UGF Fast Facts makes me wonder if D1 is the best first step in growing a successful program
  • Based on Great Falls' location, I could make a very strong argument they belong in the UMLL.

    Sitting at the PNCLL AGM and seeing everyone Google Map the location and drive time for Great Falls, it was quite hilarious to see every team jockey to have GF join the other division.

    I don't see how it can make sense to have GF join D1, even if they are NAIA similar to a Westminster. They have no lacrosse history and you still have to get players to come to Great Falls, a city that has no high school lacrosse (to my knowledge). It's a very different situation than other NAIA teams like Davenport and Westminster. You can build it, but if it's in Great Falls they may not necessarily come...
  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    Looking at UGF, it presents an oddity as far as location. It looks to be smack dab in the middle of PNCLL, UMLL, and RMLC. The other oddity being that Montana is in PNCLL D1 but Montana St is in RMLC D2.

    This reminds me of SUNY Buffalo being in the PCLL, but being in CCLA region. There should be some kind of agreement that UGF home games will have the added benefit of getting an OOC game in the mix too.

    For example, in the PCLL, SUNY Buffalo has 2 teams come out to them each season (rotating who those teams are so nobody is forced to have trips there every other season) and each team who comes out there, is guaranteed an OOC game. I would imagine working with Montana St, that UGF can get them to come out (and possibly other RMLC programs that need to come play Montana St.) allowing any team that has to make the trek to Montana to at least getting the double benefit of having their OOC trip included into the package, saving teams on the budget.
  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    @PattonLAS looks like they're recruiting from all over based on their roster. 3 kids from NY, kids from Cali, Montana, Rhode Island, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Idaho, Canada... my money is on them offering scholarships, in which case it doesn't matter if the local homegrown talent is there or not.

    As for the D1 argument, they lost by 3 to Montana in their first contest, so take from that what you will.
  • Yeah, I know they said at the league meeting that they offer scholarships, which got everyone's knickers in a bunch.

    The MCLA still doesn't know how to deal with these NAIA scholarship teams, and that is not meant to sound like it is a failure on any MCLA or Conference leadership. The NAIA teams just throw a crazy wrench into any competitive balance planning. You have to project them to be more talented and consistent than your average D2 team, but they still have in many cases less recruiting "draw" than many D1 teams. Even in my oversimplification of their situation, I still can't exactly pin them down in any long term divisional alignment.

    I don't actually believe they belong in the UMLL, but they certainly don't fit cleanly in ANY MCLA conference. I'll let everyone else wring their hands over this one...
  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    I like the scholarships. To me, the MCLA is not a club league, and with varsity teams in the league offering scholarships, to me, that points to the league being a varsity outfit.

    The NAIA is a funny beast of its own, because once they hit 50 varsity teams, they will all be out of the MCLA (with their own championship, recognized by NAIA as a championship sport.) Can the MCLA handle a mass drop of 50 teams all at once?

    I'm not in the PNCLL or at your meetings, but I can see it working for them to be PNCLL or RMLC, if they follow the script I said regarding rotational travel and guaranteed OOC games, though they are definitely pushing the boundaries with either of those.
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