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Traditional Friday? Leather Pull Strings

edited December 2013 in Traditional
imageTraditional Friday? Leather Pull Strings

When you look at this lacrosse head I've strung up, you will notice that the bottom holes aren’t like any other lacrosse head. There are only 2 holes and the sidewall is so spaced out that you can’t really pull a leather through the last sidewall like you can with a STX Proton/Super Power. So I decided to use floating leathers in this pocket.

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  • Ryan MulvaneyRyan Mulvaney Supreme Overlord Caldwell, ID
    Billy you crazy! I love how you used something that most people view as a way of cheating to string a stick that normally wouldn't accommodate a traditional pocket. As Connor said, a deep traditional pocket creates so much whip it's almost impossible to play with and there is no need for it because as Greg mentioned, hold can come from creating the right amount of tension with sidewalls. I like the creativity. I almost thought it would be a week without Traditional Thursday. This is definitely a great early Christmas gift. Thanks!
    Billy Nguyen
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