dying a head navy blue, help

hey all I'm trying to dye one of my heads navy blue and get it as close to possible to a factory navy dye and have a few questions , should i dye the head in the stove or use a large pie pan to pour into , NAVY BLUE OR DENIM blue fit dye, thanks guys


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    I personally would use something over the stove, its a lot better for just dipping in and covering. And placing your head into the oven isn't always the best idea, a friend once did so and dropped his onto the metal rack and it deformed part of the head, like you swung a bat into an it left a dent.

    Also I would use navy blue, and coat it at least 3 times, I don't have a great deal of experience with dying heads, also let us know what color the head started at, I would assume white.
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  • I like to use denim to dye Navy. I boil the water, then pour the water into a container and add the dye and leave the head in for 15-30 mins to get a good deep color. I feel like the Navy dye comes out too dark but I've got good color out of it before.

    I just dyed a head recently using denim. I sprayed the inside with krylon webbing and it came out like a marble white and light blue inside.
  • pandapanda Waxhaw NC
    thanks @904lax17 i dyed my spider with the navy and it came out in a funky light purpleish color so with the denim i should be able to dye over it and darker
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