Six Changes You Want To See In Major League Lacrosse

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imageSix Changes You Want To See In Major League Lacrosse

If you could change anything about Major League Lacrosse, what would it be? Chris Rosenthall talks about six things he'd like to see change in the MLL.

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  • STX and Maverick need to be allowed to play in the MLL, imagine how exciting having players like Kyle Harrison, Sam Bradman and Peter Baum would be
  • Getting companies like STX, Nike, Under Armour, Maverik would be the 1st change. That would lead to better uniforms. Also expansion West to Dallas, Seattle and other places would bring the league to new places. If LXM would fold into the MLL, you get the best of both worlds.
  • Great read Chris! I think something else that needs to be added before the 2014 season would be to display the amount of time on the shot clock in television broadcasts alongside the score (I can only speak for Youtube and ESPN3 though as I don't have access to CBS Sports).
  • I wouldn't want the LXM Pro to fold into the MLL but do what they do up north in Canada and let them be separate and have the winner of each league come play each other for a championship and bragging rights for the year like with the Mann Cup. I think that be great. That would mean LXM would need maybe 2 more teams. But would stop this very STUPID debate over who is better or which one needs to go. They both help the game people in different ways. Also I would like to see the start date moved back so it doesn't effect with the NLL. Let the athletes play in both leagues. It helps grow the game. Forcing players to choose does not help the league look professional or grow the game. Those would be my first to changes ASAP.
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