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Weightlifting / Weight Gain?

Hey lax community, I'm preparing on the daily for my senior year of high school but I'm looking to increase my weightlifting going into the season to compete with some of the bigger guys out there this season. I'm a lightweight at about 5'10", 135 lb. Problem is that I've got a crazy metabolism so I have a difficult time putting on weight to build muscle. I get that you don't have to be the biggest guy to succeed in lacrosse, but I'm happy with my conditioning at the moment, my speed and endurance is right where I want it to be for middie. My goal for this season is to build myself up this season so instead of running around these big guys, I'm running through them. If that means changing my diet (I eat everything, just can't put on weight) or changing my workouts, then so be it. I'm doing some pickup box until Spring and hitting the wall but I really feel like my current size is putting me at a disadvantage. I really want to do anything I possibly can to change that this season.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
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