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Maverik Maybach Deuce or STX Shadow

pandapanda Waxhaw NC
im a faceoff dmiddy and looking for new gloves, ive decided to retire my vapor elites because off the loss of palm grip as well as holes in growing in the palms and on the thumb,

Do the Maverik Maybach Deuce gloves have a grippy palm?
Do the STX shadows have a grippy palm?


  • Mark DonahueMark Donahue Video King! Boise, ID
    The Maybach Duece palms have quite a bit of stretch to them, they aren't overly grippy but I like how they feel after a little bit of a break in. The thumb and index finger have a little added grip, I haven't worn them for very long so I haven't been able to test the longevity yet, but I like how they were built, a little hole in the palm won't ruin the entire glove.

    You can stay tuned for a couple weeks, we are actually planning on running a contest with a few pairs of Dueces that you could win. Or go buy either pair and win a pair of Dueces as backup!
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