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Thoughts? I am shocked that SHSU is even ranked in DII at all with their schedule and complete loss of roster.


  • Agree, makes you wonder who is voting on this thing and what they are basing their predictions on. SH is showing a 12 man roster, two of those are goalies. Coaches listed are from last year and I don't think they are coming back.
  • I think they should be good this year though there roster is cut to 12 and 2 goalies but they have some good seniors this year. But without Tabb and the Mann brothers it'll be tough though. I see a 7-2 season losing TCU and Houston or LSU. (no really SHSUlax a fan).
  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    Uh, I just don't see it.

    I've got Sam beating SFA, maybe Tulsa, but that's it. ULL, Houston, LSU, St Ed's, Tulane, I think those are losses for Sam. Tough to win in this league with 12 guys total regardless of talent, and I know that first hand.
  • Last year they were rocking a 14 man roster and 1 goalie and went 15-3 Overall and 5-0 LSA DII and they beat some good teams last year like Texas State, Elon and SCAD which are above average teams and i think those teams are ranked high this year. But we'll see i still think they'll go 7-2 at worse 5-4
  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    edited February 2014
    Yes, but you guys lost literally more than half of those guys, (6 seniors, + Mann's little brother, Evan Freed, Mitch Lundquist, and Derrick Skinner) and only Michael Mann, Derrick Skinner, and Wil Nielson were never all americans. Most teams don't shrug off the loss of 7 all americans in any season, and especially so when those 7 were 1/2 of your complete roster.

    I'm just saying, I won't be surprised if they only have a handful of wins this season. 10 of the 14 guys from last year are gone. That's a lot to deal with.
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