Costa Rica Lacrosse: Ready to Grow

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imageCosta Rica Lacrosse: Ready to Grow

Austin Colish recently took a trip down to Costa Rica to check out the lacrosse scene and to help Grow the Game. Learn more about Austin's trip to spread knowledge of the game he loves.

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  • You're the man Austin! Great article, and cool shades. Good luck this upcoming spring. You're going to kick butt. I'll be watching closely at home, and in the stands as often as I can. I know you'll make us all proud.
  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    This was awesome to see! My high school team this summer is going to Costa Rica as well with several other teams from around the country to play in a tournament and do teach some kids at an elementary school some lacrosse. We head to San Jose and Samara for a week total this summer at the end of June. Seeing this gets me even more excited for what I believe will be my first true time to grow the game.

    Grow the Game
    Mark Donahue
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