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Rethinking My 23-Man Team USA Roster

edited January 27 in International

imageRethinking My 23-Man Team USA Roster

After watching the Team USA Blue-White scrimmage a couple of times now, I'm starting to overanalyze the 23-man selections I made before the weekend, so here is my updated team, based SOLELY on the action we saw on Sunday. It's definitely a different list than what I came up with on Thursday!

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  • edited January 27
    Very much agree with your picks CW. The young attackmen truly impressed and leveille deserves the nod. As you pointed out, middies are a toss-up with Abbott as a lock. I liked Reynolds effort yesterday and would keep him as a dedicated d-mid over a guy like brooks, although Brooks did pick jojo's pocket nicely early on. Jojo has no business in the final 30. Mackrides was impressive as was Lawson. Holman can run through the midline in a pinch and absolutely needs to make that team. Buchanan is a similar flex play and plays a good brand of ball. Danowski should get the axe as he will have even more issues controlling his shot in the thin Denver air. I'll take fletch over buckley and evans over sweeney but otherwise agree with your picks at close.
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  • No way Westervelt gets left out. Or Rabil. In agreement for most everthing else, though. Tons of talent to chose from, that's the sure thing.
  • Wow! Do I look bad for vouching for Matt Danowski prior to the game. He was mentioned once, and it was because he got the ball taken from him. I too like your picks CW, I just think @MidnightTDog is right. Rabil has to be on the 23 man roster, and maybe looked just a step slow because he's coming off an injury. Westervelt looked unstoppable, and seems to be able to play well with anyone.
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