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They Said WHAT? Quint, Carc, & Eamon

edited January 28 in International

imageThey Said WHAT? Quint, Carc, & Eamon

Lacrosse people are opinionated, and this is true when it comes to fans, writers, and yes, even TV announcers. Quint Kessenich (I'm a big fan!), Paul Carcaterra, and Eamon McAnaney do a great job with broadcasts, but they also say some rather interesting things from time to time, and here is where we sift through it all to find the hidden gems, and potentially missed points!

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  • @connorwilson I love the idea of cutting down team size at the international level, and if that was done at the college level i think it would only raise the skill and competitive nature of the sport. I don't necessarily think fogos are non lacrosse players ,but i must say i think Kyle Harrison is going to be able to shoot a accurate shot from 20 yards a lot better than say Greg gurenlian and i would rather have harrison on d when a great dodger is coming down the alley. So i do hope to see some change coming in the future of team size and the future of fogos
  • @connorwilson, I love these guys too! Their announcing is second only to Mike "Doc" Emrick.

    I also love the idea of cutting down college game day rosters. The idea of having a JV team is great. This would allow the younger guys that don't play too often a chance to improve their game for the future by experiencing real game play. This also goes well with your other point. If players continue to improve through their twenties, allowing 18 and 19 year old "JV" players game time only makes sense. They have at least 10 years of improving to go!

    As far as fogos are concerned, I'm not sure all of them are lacrosse players. They are the NFL equivalent of kickers. They're not really players, but boy can they be important. I have never been a fan of faceoffs. I know a lot of people are going to hate me for this, but getting rid of the faceoff after every goal (like basketball did the jump ball after every basket) will speed the game up and make it more exciting. Lets only faceoff to start a half. I'm not sure what the best alternative is to facing off, maybe having the goalie pick the ball out of the net and just clear it. Thoughts? I know something similar to this was tried in the '70's.

    @connorwilson also asked "should you make an extra effort to work for a great first shot to rattle opposing goalies? Hmmm. Discuss" This is very interesting. I think this can be a slippery slope. My shooting and coaching philosophy has always been about increasing volume of shots. I've never been in favor of waiting too long for a "great" shot opportunity, because those are few and far between. I'd rather get 4 decent to good shots than 1 great shot. I think more often than not being too conservative with shots will lead to turnovers and not enough shots.

    Anyway, great job all around. I'm looking forward to watching lacrosse on tv this spring, along with the stellar announcing and the LAS breakdowns.

  • Goalies like a hot start is completely true. I have noticed it in my own play, the first save is always crucial. When I make a great first save, the majority of the time I play better than if I miss the first shot. It takes away the "jitters" or mental aspect of the goalie game, even if you aren't thinking about that.
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