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Stringing Preferences

Hey guys I'm a stringer and I string here in bend I was wondering what preferences you had for stinging in your sticks and maybe even some crazy techniques you've seen or rocked in the past. Post pics if you can, I always experiment with some crazy string
techniques here and there in our Indoor League. I could string my trusty Clutch up with some ideas I get and throw out some reviews on my experiments!


  • pandapanda Waxhaw NC
    more recently ive been using 20mm type mesh and stringersshack magnum mesh i like a softer feel and for the past couple of months ive been using an ncaa shooter setup and its in all my sticks my new gamer is a maverik spider with a 7 diamond double interlocked trad x in a mid pocket with the ncaa shooter setup and my backup is a another maverik spider with magnum mesh
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