Throwback Thursday: Cortland Vs Hartwick 1989

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imageThrowback Thursday: Cortland Vs Hartwick 1989

At the :30 second mark of the video a Hartwick player stuffs a shot, fights for a GB, and then gets wrestled down to the ground. Today, parents and fans would be up in arms, and screaming for a penalty. There is a little bit of that in the audio, but a solid number of chuckles can also be heard. It was all part of the game back then, even if it was a little bit ugly!

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  • Pretty sure I played on that field. The turf was like cheap carpet on top of concrete.
    So wonderful when playing fall ball in freezing temperatures.
    You kids got it so easy with modern turf.
    Get off my lawn.
    Mark Donahue
  • Thanks for posting. Watching the Loyola/Yale game I'm enjoying the differences between the game now and then. Offset heads are so much harder to dislodge. Zone breaking offense has not changed. This was a great game, no unsettled goals until the 2nd quarter, just strength on strength, in inclement weather. Reese and Kroneberger were beasts supported by strong casts. Lacrosse as it should be played.
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