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Hot Pot: College Lacrosse In... January?

edited February 5 in NCAA

imageHot Pot: College Lacrosse In... January?

What gives with all this February college lacrosse? Is there such a thing as too early?

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  • I agree completely! It is ridiculous to start this early. I'd much rather see championship weekend pushed back to mid or end June, when it is still SPRING TIME! It is WINTER now in January and February! Lacrosse is a spring sport, so why shouldn't we play it in the SPRING! I am in Connecticut and our high school team starts practice on March 24th this year. That is the latest we have ever started. Our season spans from the end of March to the middle of June, who says the NCAA should't do it like the high school teams? There would be no way we could start now with 14 inches of snow on the ground! And not to mention we still have a grass field!
  • My D3 team in Maine started the 29th of January and our first game is on the 1st of March so I lucked out a little bit. But most if not all of our practices will be inside the field house and not outside at all since we're still waiting for the field to get plowed off. Ever since I started playing in college it seems like there's only 2 weeks of nice weather at the tail end of the season then it's over. Moving into more of a high school based schedule would be great for both players and fans alike. I don't see a change coming anytime soon but it would be most welcome.
  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    I completely agree, I don't have to deal with snow here in NC like I did in Michigan but we do have cold weather. We practice year round and I always feel our more productive practices are when its warmest. Our full pad practice starts in 8 days and our first game is March 7th when we host King of Spring so it'll still be fairly cold, even up to our first game. I feel for college teams, it wasn't freezing yesterday for the game at Duke, but the day before was horrible and I can imagine it wasn't a great practice. Though it is fortunate we never really have to plow like you guys do.
  • thestringer7thestringer7 big rapids, mi
    I played High School up in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan so we didn't even start going outside till around halfway through March. And even then the field was still soaked from the snow melting and it was freezing. Now that I'm in college we've been practicing since around the first week of February, but inside. We've got our first game on March 1st and its outside so hopefully this Michigan weather doesn't act up. I'd love to start later and go in June. It would be a lot nicer then starting early and having to deal with the crappy weather.
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