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stringing a stx hammer

I am just a novice stringer and have had trouble making a defined channel in my std hammer. One problem that I have is that the side wall holes very large which lets the mesh push out. Second the wideness of the head creates a problem with having a good channel. I think that this could be fixed if I could keep the sidewall s tight and keep the mesh from pushing out.


  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    As a stringer who has strung easily 20+ Hammers I hope I will be able to help. For the fact of making a channel defined, make sure you are using interlocks, knots, and/or si's. If you want a pattern for a specific pocket I can send you one and explain how exactly it works. But for the sidewall holes you can always do a double sidewall to be sure, but I've never needed one. Just make your knots as tight as possible, I do this in almost every pocket I string unless I have a specific reason not to. For the Hammer due to its wide head, and you don't have confidence in the ability to tie it down tight enough to the sidewall, you can always string and interlock to the inside of the head like how you would set up interlocks on a traditional head when setting up casting knots. If you need any help besides what I hope I just gave you, please shoot me an email or message here.
  • pandapanda Waxhaw NC
    Greg from east coast dyes has an stx hammer mid pocket video i defiantly recommend that
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