STX Joins Major League Lacrosse

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imageSTX Joins Major League Lacrosse

It was looking bleak for Major League Lacrosse to add another equipment sponsor, and then out of nowhere the league announces that STX has joined the line up. Now players will be wearing Warrior, Brine, and STX equipment.

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  • If we don't get to see more MLL teams immediately, it would be nice to see LXM Pro Tour with a Warrior team and a Brine team.
    scriffConnor Wilsontkkawugule8
  • Partnership opportunity: MLL in the summer, followed by the LXM running a nationwide tour of MLL all stars (or really, whoever is available) during the off season.
    Connor WilsonscriffJeff Brunelle
  • pandapanda Waxhaw NC
    i hope maverik follows as-well the MLL has alot of maverik athletes
    Connor Wilson
  • pinchandpoppinchandpop We got 10,000 lakes
    I think this is the most important part "STX will equip MEMBERS of the MLL teams" I don't see them equipping entire teams as of now. From what I interpret this means that STX athletes will get to use STX in the MLL.
    Connor Wilson
  • Seems like something is up with the LMX Tour. This could be one reason STX signed with the MLL so it has an outlet for it's players but then again STX has been throwing a lot of money around lately (NHL, Women's Hockey, Women's Field Hockey and there Helmet development)so it kind of makes sense. If Maverik heads over to the MLL next we will really know something is up with LXM. Also the MLL has been asking most of manufactures to hop on board are they in financial trouble too. Just a thought Is Warrior/Brine trying to reduce cost associated with the league.
    All and All this is good for the MLL, the growth of Lacrosse and Lacrosse Fans.
  • This is a huge step forward, if we can get Under Armour or Nike to join in that would provide clothing and cleats it would help the league. I have said it many times before, LXM needs to be during offseason and let the MLL be the 1 professional Lacrosse league. I will also hope that we can get real expansion in the MLL like Dallas & Atlanta.
  • while not as an official an announcement as this, weren't there rumblings prior to last summer about MLL players being allowed to wear gear of their choosing? And if STX is permitted in the league, how far behind is Nike? How big would it be for Jake to land nike? Every kid at the park seems to be twirling a nike shaft these days.
  • Kevin RowenKevin Rowen LAS Editorial Intern SoCal
    I think @tonyperkis makes a great point about Nike. How does Nike factor into this deal with STX? It would make sense for Nike to be included in the deal, but we'll have to wait and see.
  • carsonb32carsonb32 dallas, tx
    I don't see the MLL and LXM merging. In my opinion, the MLL is just on another level. All you need to do is look at the numbers of the USA team. The only exception is Kyle Harrison, but he still used to play for the MLL. I see the LXM almost as a D-league of sorts, of course there are some really good players on the LXM teams, but the level of play is so much different. With STX joining and the MLL expanding continuously, I would give it another 10 or so years until the MLL is up there in the pro rankings across all sports. For now, they just have to keep expanding.
  • I wouldn't call LXM D-league either. With the MLL #1 pick overall in Peter Baum, LXM has some talent. A majority of the guys have played in the MLL or were drafted pretty high. I think the laid back "growth of the game" concept makes it look like LXM is not as hard. LXM could still be something for players during the MLL offseason to do where you add a Team Warrior & Team Under Armour which they can play each other with the current Team STX & Team Maverik.
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