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5 Ways To Cut Costs And Still Play Lacrosse

StaffStaff Boise & Brooklyn
edited February 2014 in Open Forum

image5 Ways To Cut Costs And Still Play Lacrosse

Everyone wants to play lacrosse these days, but it's an expensive sport. Here are FIVE simple tips to cut costs but still play the game we love.

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  • for the first year get the cheaper equipment just in case you don't like lacrosse. also, for high school teams don't get spirit wear if it's out of most people's budget. Also, if you want to be goalie don't buy the equipment the first year, slowly build up the padding/protection in your possession.
  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    I'm all about the restringing an old head, I have 4-5 heads, but the head I'm using at the moment is one from a teammate of mine who used it freshman year, he's now a freshman playing for Furman. Also I agree with @NordGoalie56 my first year I got the bottom of the line starter kit and I figured out I loved it two years ago. It does cost even more money to get better equipment you realize you might need, but you don't need to spend as much in total on top stuff because you already have the basics. I slowly saved and got new stuff or got good used stuff from teammates. Great article hits a lot of points I agree with and went through thinking about after my first season.
  • I support my lacrosse and two of my kids, string your own heads and string for others make a little $ doing that. I always buy closeout shafts, most of the time the only difference is that the new model has different paint. I shop close out for most of my equipment, I know kids can get caught up in the newer is better but you can save a ton of $$ this way. I will buy new heads each season for my son, when he is done with them I bake them up and the become my indoor sticks. Lacrosse is really only as expensive as you make it.
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