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This Week's Leaders

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Who does everyone see as a the leader of the pack this year in the SELC DII?
A few big surprises thus far already. Probably the biggest is St. Andrews losing to Charleston. Really? That one shocked me
Didn't really think PBA would lose to SCAD but looks like SCAD's strategy of playing early divisional games might work out if they get past FGCU they can pretty much just cruise into the SELC playoffs again out of that division.
Elon has yet to open its season and I am excited to see what the Phoenix look like this year. I don't think they are getting bounced in the first round this year especially with a first round matchup against Reinhardt or TWC.
Reinhardt can't really judge much of these guys cause they have played a really weak schedule and not really put up impressive numbers. looks like they just have one shooter again this year.
I really think that TWC is going to surprise some folks this year but that roster had alot of turnover from last year so we will see how that depth chart looks late in the season.
Kennesaw State looks to be on a roll knocking off two D1 teams Alabama and Auburn and then cruised against Ga Southern. That mid March trip to the mid west will really tell what this team is made of but noone seems to be talking much about KSU
I think the biggest surprise of any team has got to be Emmanuel. What a great job that coach has done in less than two years there. Yes they have the weakest schedule of anyone playing the weakest ncaa programs in the atlanta but a new program needs those confidence booster games to get them up. still don't think they do much in division, maybe knock off Emory but thats about it.

I think that this year in the SELC D2 we will see a team other than SCAD or Elon win the title maybe even a team that has never won it before who knows but should be an exciting year in the SELC.

What are your thoughts?


  • Not surprising no one is talking about KSU. They were't good last year and about 2/3rds of the roster are underclassmen. In addition, you seem to give a lot more credit on the DI v DII matchups than I do. Many examples of DII beating DI, it's not about the division but the teams. I don't think Alabama has ever had a winning season and Auburn, while better, has only made the SELC tourney once or maybe twice. So, I'll take a wait and see attitude. SCAD is off to a good start and seems to be the real deal again. They will play Indy Tech and Dayton as does KSU as you mention, so checking the results of those games will give a better idea of how these SELC foes compare and may gain KSU some supporters.
  • Totally agree scad played a tough early schedule and it works out well for them. Two division opponents down and just southern left, scad gets to put on the cruise control now. Yea d2 teams have beaten d1 all the time but no one else in the SELC has a schedule that can compare except maybe scad. Everyone else plays a really weak schedule. KSU got a new coach this year and from what I've heard is that the team has really bought in and changed the culture of the program. This year is going to be a great season
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