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I can't find if this question has been answered on LAS anywhere so if it has feel free to point me in the right direction.

We ran into a lot of confusion last game with tape on players sticks. The refs came out before the game and rightfully quoted Rule 1 below. One of our guys failed to comply with this rule and was hit with a 3 min NR penalty. I couldn't find in the rules where it says the variety of minutes served for tape so I wanted to confirm that.

Under Rule 1 Equipment it states that "No crosse may have any tape affixed to the plastic. This does not include the crosse of a goalkeeper. Otherwise, players may tape the handles of their crosse in the same traditional manner."

Second in the refs in their quoting of Rule 1 may have misquoted Rule 4 below by saying that every player besides goalies may not have tape on their stick at all. My understanding is that FOS guys must have tape on their stick by the head just not on it. What are others thoughts?

Under Rule 4 it states that "A single-wrap of tape must be applied to the handle of the crosse for any player taking a face-off. The tape is to begin (but not touching the plastic at the throat of the crosse and continuing six inches down the handle. Tape must be of contrasting color to the head, gloves, and shaft."

Lastly, we have a lot of guys complaining about the rattle on their sticks which was previously solved by using tape to hold it in place. We asked the officials what their feeling was on having tape on the shaft under the head to make the head fit snugger. Our response was that they simply weren't going to nitpick and it probably wouldn't be a problem. Any other refs on here want to add or subtract from that?



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    I'm not sure how long penalties for tape infractions should be, and I have not received a firm answer on the "tape under the head to avoid rattle" question, but I have not seen it called as a penalty since the tape rule was put in.

    You are right in that face-off men are required to have tape at the top of their stick and that it must not touch the head, but be right up to the head going six inches down the shaft.
  • This is interesting for me as a player because I know many people who have broken their head and simply re - attached it with tape ocording to the rule stated above that would be illegal. Here in Reno our refs are oblivious to important rules like this and worry themselves with catching everything else wrong with your stick. This is also important to me as a coach. I wil try to look for any thing wrong with my players sticks and point out discrepancies in others teams to the refs. Learn some thing new every day
  • @KevinRowen Thank you. One of the officials had mentioned a memo go out, which I know is common to start the year, putting emphasis on tape on players sticks and in passing he mentioned that the article expressly said 3-minute. I forgot to ask for a copy of the memo.
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    @spanishsprings52198 just to clarify the rules being discussed here are for NCAA/MCLA - US Lacrosse has other rules for lower levels of play. You can find the 2014 changes, including their tape rule, here: http://laxallstars.com/ask-ref-whats-new-2014/
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