Best heads and shafts for each age level.

I feel it's necessary to explain the difference in your stick and how it adapts and changes to your play style and to help new players.


  • For younger ages (3-5th grade) the maverick bad boy is great. Just buy the whole stick and replace mesh with good water proof kind. Also the stx amp or the warrior torch all do the job.
  • For more a little more advanced players this is where your stick adapts to your play style. If you take shots at attack you would need a more pinched head like the stx surgeon or nike Lakota. The stx stallion is great too. These range from 70-80$ but can be bought for less when on sale. Shaft wise I'd say not to crazy expensive but not your old one.
  • I'm don't know much about defense or goalie so if you do it would be great if you shed some light on it.
  • For midfield I'd recommend a little wider head for catching on the run. The nike Lakota is your best bet or even a blade pro.
  • These are all great recommendations for grades 7-8. I don't know much about highschool rules or college so it would be great if someone who does could help.
  • I don't know if you can really find a specific head(s) that would necessarily be the best for a certain age group, though some heads can be said to be better for certain positions than others. But there are some fundamental things that can be said about what a player should look for or at least consider when getting into lacrosse on the subject of heads. One would be if the head will promote proper technique, as hugely pinched heads can first be seen as beneficial but unfortunately promote some bad cradling habits. Also on the subject of heads stringing should probably be taken into just as much if not more consideration since that will have a massive impact on their developing skills. Make sure the stringing is done properly so it promotes good throwing motions and fundamentals. For starting players this is especially important. I don't think that the stringing is emphasized enough to new players. Dealing with the price point problem, you don't need to break the bank on new gear especially for players new to the sport. Just make sure they're safe and put into a position where they can develop properly.
  • I agree with triggertrav the type of head or stick is not the important part. The mesh and stringing are more important. With this I will also say that there are thousands of "correct " string jobs that are not conventional or good for you me but match the playing style of the player that strung them. That is why you should string your own stick or have someon who has watched you play enough to know what you might want. I personally recommend the stx hammer for high school defence. BUT ONLY WITH "CORRECT" STRINGING.
  • Yes the pocket is the most important part.
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