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Traditional Experience

edited February 21 in Traditional
Hey guys so after being able to string up some more traditional/traditional variants for over a year now, I've begun to wonder how my overall experience has been with it so far. And this got me thinking if anyone has had similar or vastly different experiences after having delved into it themselves. Personally I've loved the experience and can't wait to have my next opportunity to string one for a teammate, a friend, or myself. True there can be some learning curves and some minor frustrations that go along with it, but its been a great learning experience and will probably continue to be one. So my question to everyone is what has your experience been with stringing traditional? Have you tried it and given up eventually, loved it right away, or something in between?
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  • thestringer7thestringer7 big rapids, mi
    I started about 3 years ago in the summertime when I was bored aha. I started off with a pita pocket and just kept stringing it over and over till I got it right and how I wanted it. Granted it still wasn't the best, but it was pretty good for a beginner. I started doing normal trads probably later that fall into the winter, and was about the same experience with the pita pocket. After I got both of those down, I started going into some different kinds and variations such as a shook shakedown, some RP variants, and a few odd pockets that I just started to string up to see how they would do. In the end, its basically just practicing and practicing the trade of stringing, and getting the ability to get the tension right in the strings, and just getting good at stringing these pockets. I loved it when I started (got frustrated many times, but you just gotta put it down, cool off, and come back to it) and I still do. I've gotten so much better, but hey, you gotta start somewhere. Hope this helps!
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