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Ask a Ref: What's New for 2014?

edited February 21 in Rules & Officiating
imageAsk a Ref: What's New for 2014?

Gordon Corsetti and Mark Donahue team up to bring back the popular "Ask a Ref" series. Today, the refs are here to address the 2014 rule changes for boys lacrosse.

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  • I do want to point out to all the youth players and those High School players working under NFHS rules that while quick restarts are the name of the game, especially with the absence of horns, it is not a rushed restart.

    For NFHS and below any restart requires: One player in possession of the ball, that player is in-bounds and stationary, and no player from either team within 5 yards of the player in possession. If one of those requirements is not true then the officials will likely hold the whistle to get the restart cleaned up so one team is not advantaged or the other disadvantaged.

    Keep in mind that the officials may delay the restart even if everything looks good because the officials may be out of position for where the ball is going to go. For example, a deep restart where the play was killed on the end line may have both officials sucked down especially if play along the end line was contested. The official blowing the play in may wait a beat for the rest of the crew to hustle near to their correct positions so the transition can be officiated properly. Granted, we don't want the players to wait on us to get into position, but just know that that could be a reason for a slightly delayed restart.
  • I see nothing here about a change regarding legal goals, which is something I just heard of in feedback from officials this week. Is there any merit to the idea that goals without a 90 degree angle and flat bottom are now illegal? If so, many non-traditional areas use Rage Cage or backyard goals for games and they probably need to start planning...
  • Mark DonahueMark Donahue Video King! Boise, ID
    edited February 22

    Rule 1, Section 3. ART. 2
    a. Flat-iron goal (recommended for use on artificial surface fields). Each vertical post shall be 6 feet long and shall be attached to a piece of flat-iron at the bottom. The two flat-irons each attached to a vertical post shall meet at a point 7 feet back from the center of the goal. The maximum thickness of the flat-iron shall be half an inch with no part of the flat iron extending in to the goal line. If a flat-iron goal is used on a grass field it shall be attached to the ground with ground anchors.

    B. Goes on to explain the accepted 90 degree angle goal and the obtuse angle goal. All three are accepted, they have their own regulations but are legal for play!

    I believe Rage Cages and the like would be legal as long as they meet those terms and are anchored.

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  • Thanks Mark. That's exactly how I interpreted the rule, I just heard from an official this week who said that there was a rule change this year and so I wanted to see if there was any truth to that rumor.
  • Mark DonahueMark Donahue Video King! Boise, ID
    That's from the 2014 book so it's good to go! Unless Montana made a bylaw which I don't see happening.
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