Patterns for a mid to mid low pocket meeting NCAA specs

I am a Junior in high school and my season is starting in 2 weeks, I've tried getting used to the NCAA stringing rules but the only pocket that seems to work is a bag and that has to much whip for me. Does anyone have a suggestions for stringing a mid or mid low pocket with hold that still meets NCAA specs? Thanks.


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    Well it all depends on the head. And I'd say a mid pocket does best with the NCAA stringing rules since it'll give you the hold you need and just enough whip for you. A mid/low will work too if you dodge and cradle one-handed a lot, but it'll just have a longer release when passing and shooting since the ball has to travel further in the pocket. This is my setup right now for when I'm playing X. It's a Clutch 2x with a mid/low and is perfect when one-handed cradling and dodging behind the net. The shooter setup is right above the 4" rule too so its perfect with holding the ball right under the lowest shooter. Hope this helps!
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  • @thestringer7 thank you! I play middie but I'm supposed to do some inverting to attack as well this season
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    It kind of depends on the head you're using. But assuming you know how to read patterns, this is the setup I use on my evo x that I've been using this past season. It's i i i 1 3 2 1 tie. If you need help I've given a couple visuals of the sidewall itself and what the overall pocket looks like. In regards to the problem with overall stringing of a NCAA legal pocket, make sure you're graduating your shooters to ensure a smooth release. For creating hold a bag isn't necessary. Since U's or V's cant be used anymore, channeling the mesh by pulling it down is done instead to create the same effect. It's actually a good thing that things are this way, since creating a consistent U or V shooter is tougher at least in my experience than creating a consistent channel. If you give what head you're using then it would be possible to create a pattern or find one specifically for it. Best of luck! imageimage
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  • And I'm using a STX SuperPower. Thanks again. @triggertrav
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    Also to expand on @triggertrav‌ 's comment, everything he said is spot on, but for his pattern, if you want a bit of a deeper channel, go i, i, 1i, 1, 2, 2, 1 tie instead, it can either take away whip or add it much quicker depending on your shooter setup. Just a thought, I know the holes for stringing on a Super Power aren't terrible but they aren't great either.

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