Need some pointers

I've recently just began to start stringing traditional and have strung about 3 traditional pita heads. I've watched all the tutorials over and over but keep running into the same problem. The bell keeps rocking off plastic unnecessarily hard and there is so much whip the ball hits my feet. I love the feel of traditional, so if anyone can help me out on what I might be doing wrong; or how to give my sticks a smoother release I would appreciate it. Thanks.


  • Firstly make sure your tension points on the top 1/3 of the head where you attached the crosslace to the leathers are taut. You want to make sure the ball isn't getting caught up at the top of the head as you throw, which is what sounds like is happening. Another thing to help with this is to graduate your shooters from loose to tight. But make sure the top-most shooter and nylon (if you have one) are not constricting the leathers. The ball should snap off of the top but not get caught or hung up on it. Also go back through all your tension points with the crosslace to see if anything it too tight or loose. It would be easier with a picture but these are pretty basic things to look for when you have these problems. Hope that helped!
  • Thanks for the tips, I just tried all of them in my new pita and it made a big difference
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