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Hot Pot: I Yelled At A Ref

edited February 26 in Rules & Officiating
imageHot Pot: I Yelled At A Ref

I'm telling you this story because we ALL make mistakes. We ALL lose our cool from time to time. I may sit back and lecture most of the time, but trust me, it all comes from personal experience. The dumb stuff? I've done it. The mean stuff? Done that too. The divisive, think-you're-God's-gift stuff? Yup, that too.

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  • Not you Connor! Not you! :)

    As I've told many a player who have come up to me after yelling and/or cursing me out over a perceived incorrect or bad call - "No worries, you got heated, this is an intense game. I've certainly done my fair share of yelling, and I appreciate the apology. Just don't act like that again."

    I appreciate self-deprecating stories, please don't beat yourself up too much. It happens to all of us.

    By the way all of the officials I trained in January really liked your "Slash of Death" video!
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