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Should the MLL and LXM PRO follow suit?

edited February 28 in Traditional

imageShould the MLL and LXM PRO follow suit?

This question was sparked in my mind from the continuing conversation on the NCAA stick stringing regulations; it got me thinking - why is it less stringent for players who are supposed to be the best players in the world than for college kids?

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Jeff Brunelle


  • Greg,

    Enjoyed the post. I could not agree more. Personally, I am big fan of the new stringing rules. Mainly because I have not been using a U shooter for the past few years. These new stringing rules caused a bit of frustration for most in the beginning. Before the rule was made, most college players were not used to using the straight shooter. But I do believe MLL and LXM athletes should have to adjust to the new rules. I noticed when Rob Pannell transitioned from NCAA to MLL he ditched the new stringing rules, started using the U shooter again. Why not make the stringing rule for both? That way a collegiate player could use his stringing set up from college, with no worries.

    Comparing the 2012 NCAA season (no stringing rules) to the 2013 NCAA season (stringing rules), I enjoyed watching the 2013 season much more. Yes, this may have been due to the other rule changes. But I do believe the stringing rule had some affect on it. I witnessed finishes and plays I had not seen when the U was in a stick. In the end, straight shooters provide more consistency and are a ton more easier to adjust too than U shooters.

    Do you think MLL or LXM players would have trouble adjusting to the NCAA stringing rules?
  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    I completely agree and I think it should impact both the MLL and maybe down the road even high school. I personally have never strung a u in my stick, I never do it if I don't have to for a customer or teammate. Like @bturner‌ said, the consistency is unrivaled. And the the amount of plays with illegal sticks that happen because of a really tight u shooter is ridiculous. It's incredibly annoying as a defender I would guess to make a perfect check and not dislodge the ball. From an attackman's perspective it certainly is when you make a great check on a pole clearing the ball and it doesn't work it out.

    For the MLL and LXM Pro side, I agree that they should be held to the same standard as they were in college, I don't think the head specs should change but eventually it would be nice if all heads were universal maybe?

    Plus stringing wise, it makes me a better stringer for it, I take a lot more pride in a great channel than keeps the ball in a more fair way, than an unfair incredibly tight u or v thats a crappy substitute for a channel.
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