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What other mcla forums are out there?

Are there any other online forums that people talk mcla lacrosse on? I just would like to stay more informed throughout the whole mcla cause it doesn't seem like people stay up with this one much


  • bsigmund90bsigmund90 Grove City, PA
    This is honestly the most active forum. Whenever closed shop, a lot of the traffic migrated here. Unfortunately a lot of it has slowed down compared to 2-3 years previous.
  • Mark DonahueMark Donahue Video King! Boise, ID
    @bsigmund90 is right.... help us drive more discussion! Unfortunately it seems like the MCLA isn't as hot in the forums as it used to be....but we'd love to change that!
  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    I think that is a result of there not being 1 main forum like there was in the past. I think most of the D2 nuts like myself, CC, and Sigmund came here, D1 guys like Dan Wishengrad and Will Oaks to LaxTV, and others still to laxpower forums.

    Instead of everyone moving to 1 forum together, several tried to take the place of collegelax and this is the result. it is a shame because I really enjoy the forum discussion RE: MCLA.
  • Jeff BrunelleJeff Brunelle CEO, Boise, Idaho
    @socolax2 @bsigmund90 In talking with a handful of former MCLA forum mongers, many have pointed to the fact that the current players just aren't interested. Still, I think you are right about the fact that when CollegeLAX closed down, everybody split.

    What steps can we take in this forum to make it more MCLA friendly? We would love to host more MCLA conversation and optimize the categories so they make more sense for fans. Would love to hear your feedback!
  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    edited March 2014
    @Jeff Brunelle Well, to be honest with you, I think what the MCLA wanted to happen, happened. The reason for the schism and CollegeLAX's demise was that MCLA wanted to control content and get the most traffic. The additions to the mcla page with stats and videos and lots of information, and bringing it all together under one webpage (instead of how each conference had its own page back in the day) really drove collegelax, and the need for such a medium, away. In the old days, the only way to find scores quickly was the forums. Now there is the MCLA page & app, twitter, and facebook feeds. In addition to that, MCLA admin site specifically says to enter into mcla page first and then link to that on your pages, thus driving all content through the mcla site. The current players don't need the forums to find the info they need, and also don't risk saying stupid things in a public forum as a result. I like to talk about the MCLA and get insight about what is going on around the country but there are so many more options now, I can see why they wouldn't be interested. I also really enjoyed the chatrooms during playoff games and the like, those were fun.

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    steveblairJeff Brunelle
  • socolax2 said:

    The current players don't need the forums to find the info they need, and also don't risk saying stupid things in a public forum as a result.

    Day one of every MCLA team’s practice ends with “and stay off the forums”.
    Jeff Brunellebsigmund90
  • thestringer7thestringer7 big rapids, mi
    Eh. I wouldn't say "every". I'm from a smaller MCLA program but I've yet to hear it. Granted I don't get into the MCLA stuff but still I'm highly active on here about other things. @steveblair
    Jeff Brunelle
  • I have some serious feedback. The registration process is too cumbersome and extremely frustrating. I myself have backed out halfway through the registration process because the security box is 1) nearly illegible 2) the audio feature that is supposed to read out the letters simply does not work. It's inaudible 3) doesn't work 100% of the first time I tried it. And then when it tells you the security portion of the registration process was unsuccessful it makes you hit "back" on your browser and the exact same security letters show up instead of refreshing it.

    Like I said, I've probably tried to register 5-10 times in the past year or so but gave up halfway through and stopped reading the forums. I gritted my teeth and stuck with it this time and after about 4 tries I finally registered.

    I'm sure I'm not that only one but this overly secured registration process is undoubtedly dissuading a lot of former posters from participating in the laxallstars platform.
    Jeff Brunelle
  • Jeff BrunelleJeff Brunelle CEO, Boise, Idaho
    @pauls Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated! We'll certainly look into fixing up the registration process.
  • @"Jeff Brunelle"‌ didn't mean to sound harsh. Like many here, I would love to get back to the days where MCLA forum discussion was active. If it's on laxallstars, even better. I like the site and I check it every day.
  • Jeff BrunelleJeff Brunelle CEO, Boise, Idaho
    @pauls Thanks! Hopefully what we have here now is just the start. Please keep any and all feedback coming!
  • I checkout Laxallstars, Youtube, Facebook etc, but I still miss the There were some great forum discussions, but forums see out of date now. I agree with pauls, that the registration on this forum is a little convoluted.
  • Jeff BrunelleJeff Brunelle CEO, Boise, Idaho
    @bhsvideodad Thanks for the input and feedback! We are working to fix the registration process ASAP.
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