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I am going to play box and I hear a bag is good for box so how should I do it like just triple up a lot or is there a good way to do it?


  • I would suggest using a stick and a pocket you are already comfortable with. I play a lot of box, and used to have a box stick and a field stick that I would switch out depending on which version I was about to play. I found that even if the pockets are similar, switching back and forth between sticks is a bad idea. There is enough stuff to worry about while playing a game (especially if its something new), don't complicate the issue. Good luck!
  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    I mean to make a big thats essentially what you do, lots of doubles and triples, and few interlocks, but that can make a pocket that is illegal fairly quick. I find using triples tend to make either an illegal bag or an incredibly defined pocket. I would stick to a lot of singles and some concentrated doubles. But also @scriff‌ is right, use what you like, are confident with, and are used to. Don't let your performance be affected by what the norm is, plus pockets in my opinion are one of the most unique things about a player, and they should never be influenced by someone who isn't you. You and you alone know what works for you.
    That being said you can have the same amount of hold and whip and identical pocket placement with a bag, I see a lot of guys use a lot of shooting strings to compensate for the lack of channel. Either way you go, or if you choose to stay how you are, hope I helped and good luck with whatever you use.
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