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LAS Member of the Week & Weekly Leader!

Kevin RowenKevin Rowen LAS Editorial InternSoCal
It's time to announce this week's Member of the Week and Weekly Leader!

The LAS Member of the Week is @knightlax5. This member was chosen because he gave a very in-depth response to Connor's proposal of how to solve what he calls "the specialization problem." I highly recommend you check out both Connor's article and the comment that @knightlax5 wrote - and then you should chime in with your opinions! Thanks for making the LAS Community a better place @knightlax5! Don't forget to contact us to claim your prize.

The Weekly Leader is actually a huge five-way tie this week! Thank you for to all members of the LAS Community for keeping this a great place for lacrosse players, coaches, fans, and parents to come together!

Kevin Rowen
LAS Editorial Intern
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