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D2 Competition

So... Indiana Tech, huh? First Tommy loss since 2012. The Warriors shouldn't jump to #1 given the Dayton and Elon losses, but top 5 for sure. Does St. John's bump up to #1? I think Dayton can make a case for it.


  • bsigmund90bsigmund90 Grove City, PA
    edited March 24
    Huge win for ITU over UST.

    Witnessed the UST-Dayton game, if played again, my money is on Dayton 5/6 times. Dayton was stuffed high-to-high or mis-handled / threw away several 1-0 and 2-0 fastbreaks (i'm talking 4 or 5) between the 1st and 2nd half. If they stuck even two of them, they win that game. Dayton's goalie let in an uncharacteristic 16 or 17 yard high-high to give UST the lead.

    MCLA is wide open this year at both levels - thinking anything can happen.

    What does this do to the poll? Lots of "A who lost to B who lost to C who lost to A" from the top to the bottom this year.
    If i had to put together a top 10 i think it would go as follows:
    1. SJU (2-0)
    2. UST (5-1)
    3. UD (6-1)
    4. ITU (4-2)
    5. WOU (7-0) (if they go 3-0 on their remaining NorCal/SoCal trip they should be #2)
    6. GCC (6-1)
    7. FGCU (6-1)
    8. Elon (4-1)
    9. GVSU (1-2) (believe they will rise)
    10. NDSU (3-1) (believe they will rise)
    11. PBA (7-2)

    after that it's all a murky mess of picking quality losses over no competition. You could argue that teams 2-11 could be re-configured 10x over the same way as well. Everyone has dropped 1 game they probably needed to have won, or not really played anyone yet. tough year to be a pollster - that's for sure!

    last big OOC weekend coming up this week before conference play. SJU, ITU, UD, GCC, NDSU all have huge opportunities to impress!
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  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    This is exactly the issue I ran into, in both of your posts. I don't have SJU #1, because they don't have the resume Dayton or UST has. Fitting the west and east together, very tough because no frame of reference, not to mention the SELC is a mess on its own without the clusterslam this weekend's games did for me. I am interested to see how the other voters thought on this.
  • bsigmund90bsigmund90 Grove City, PA
    edited March 25
    What's the best way to encourage more East-West crossover games?

    In terms of travel and hotel time, things like that are almost a national tournament expense-wise. I know a lot of D2 teams don't have the budget to do that twice in one season. For example - I don't know if we can ever take a trip back to Florida again for regular season games - as awesome as it was. I'm sure Western Washington said the same thing after they went to Florida last year.

    I feel like the GRLC and UMLC would be licking their chops at being in the middle - but i think flight-cost; they still reside more towards the eastern side (and disadvantage those on the west coast). Additionally, the midwest doesn't warm up till mid-march to early april anymore. Not having a guaranteed field would make me wary to schedule anything there.

    It's a 2 hour, $200 dollar flight from pretty much anywhere from St. Louis over to Denver (St. Paul, Portland, St. Louis, LA.). it looks juicy, but that's still (carrying a 30 man travel roster) $6,000 + hotel + transportation costs to the airport and in town. you're easily looking at a $12,000 bill. and that only applies to teams in the SLC, RMLC, WCLL, PNCLL, western part of the GRLC, and UMLL. Any team in Florida or the east coast is a $15,000-16,000 cost.

    just chewing on some thoughts...
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  • The vacuum in the RMLC with the departure of Westminster and in a smaller effect Utah Valley is like blowing the bridge on a river crossing in my mind. This is not to discredit team like Northern Colorado, Fort Lewis, or Montana State who all travel great distance to play road OOC games this season and have consistently for years but with no Top 20 opponents currently in the middle of the country its hard to manufacture that central location for an East/West battle.

    I like the PBA Shootout and I really dug the Full House Faceoff when it was around (another loss with the Westminny exit) but even those were very coastal and only the few exceptions like WWU going east and UST going west added to the national crossover.

    I know personally at WOU we've had 1 home OOC game in the past 3 seasons. We'll make a trip to the SLC knowing that teams won't make a return trip and that's fine I get it but it just means instead of us maybe playing at home against the SLC and away against say the RMLC in the same year we only get that one conference exposure.

    Sadly I don't know if there is a solution to this problem. The more I look at the MCLA D2 as a whole the more a "Super Regional" format makes more sense but would also seem to further split that divide.

    Any RMLC teams want help hosting a huge midseason shootout in 2015? I think WOU would go.
  • Well, new poll is out. Indiana Tech (#10) not benefitting nearly enough from the UST win. UST drops only to #2, by virtue of the Dayton win, and Dayton comes in at #3. SJU rises to #1, presumably based on the GVSU win and a little bit of reputation.
    I think if you jumped Indy Tech to #7 and bumped 7-9 down a spot, I'd be pretty ok with this poll.
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