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MCLA to NCAA Eligibility

bsigmund90bsigmund90 Grove City, PA
Can anyone explain to me how this transition works?

How is Joe Costello able to play 6 years of college lacrosse? He played 4 full years at UST (springs 2008-2011) ; (NCAA D3 school, no lacrosse team), and i just saw his name in a game recap about LIU-Post vs. Molloy. I know he played at Post last year as well (springs 2013 ; 2014).

I know that the NCAA doesn't consider MCLA years to use athletic eligibility, but I thought if a student was enrolled at an institution with NCAA athletics, they used up academic eligibility. So someone who goes to college at a NCAA school and graduates on time in 4 years has used up 8 semesters of academic eligibility under D1/D2/D3, whether he has played sports or not. He has the subsequent year to play Division 1 sports, or he has two more semesters to play 1 year of Division 2/3 sports, which could be used now or 10 years from now.

Am i incorrect about the clock not starting at that time? If the institution is part of the NCAA, but doesn't have varsity lacrosse, does the athlete's 8 in 10 clock not start? So he can theoretically play 4 years in NCAA D2/D3, after playing 4 years in the MCLA?

I thought that the 8 in 10 clock started whenever you enrolled at an academic institution that had NCAA sponsored athletics. As such, i figured 2013 was his last year. But seeing him on the team this year makes me think i misunderstood the way the clock starts and counts.

Any eligibility wizards able to clear this up?


  • socolax2socolax2 CT's finest
    Its possible he did not attend school in the fall of either year in order to keep his 2 semesters unused.

    You are correct, you have 10 semesters to play 4 in D3, and a 5 year clock to play 4. Potentially, you could play MCLA year one, and NCAA will treat it as a redshirt then play the 4.

    if you wanted to be insane, you could attend only spring semesters and play MCLA for 4 years, then only attend spring semesters and play D3 for 4 years.

    8 in 10 clock starts as soon as you're a full time student at any accredited college, not just NCAA schools, to my knowledge. Its possible Costello is playing and ineligible.
  • bsigmund90bsigmund90 Grove City, PA
    nice to know i still have a season or two in my back pocket if i ever look at an MBA! haha

    I can't believe their compliance director didn't catch it, so he must have not enrolled in the fall? crazy stuff.
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