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Marc Mesh Explains The Difference! - Gear Zone

edited April 2 in Gear Talk

imageMarc Mesh Explains The Difference! - Gear Zone

When it comes to waxed mesh, fancy mesh dyes, and truly changing the game, Marc Mesh is definitely the Original. Check out Marc Mesh's great new video, where they set the waxed mesh record straight for the lacrosse world.

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  • jackmishjackmish Durham, NC
    I personally use ECM and I use Marc Mesh and I had noticed the difference in lifespan of the meshes. I liked the video and how informative it was but I got the vibe that East Coast Mesh or any competitor is copying them. I feel that yes, MM was the first, but to be honest it is a lot like cars when relating to the different companies. Each one is different in ways, but in the end, they both get you what you want. MM is more expensive and ECM met the demand of people who didn't want to spend that much, and other companies did the same and are cheaper than ECM. I've seen literally every East Coast Dyes video and I've never heard him slander MM at all, he mentioned that he tried it and didn't like it and thats what made him make his own, but he never spoke negatively about it. And I'm not saying Blue Collar Lax is speaking negatively about ECM, it's all highly preferential in my opinion.

    I think he pulled off a level of professionalism, but I still see an undertone of negativity, although I completely agree about the gloves thing, it's definitely a bad idea.
  • I personally don't care for any company's wax mesh. I understand the improved durability, however I'm someone that doesn't mind restringing pockets a few times a season, so pocket durability doesn't have much use to me. I've also never found wet hard mesh to be an issue. I guess I'm just not the target consumer.
  • thestringer7thestringer7 big rapids, mi
    Hey I've never used a single piece of wax mesh aha. I hate stringing it up so much too. From ECM to LU Gold mesh, its just too waxy feeling and it flakes off EVERYWHERE. Yea you can use the excuse of it gives you a good and defined pocket right away, but I can do the same thing with Soft mesh like Stringking. But thats just my two-cents. I'm definitely not a wax mesh kind of guy. More like otter mesh and trads aha.

    And it seems like the people from Marc Mesh could have tuned down that attack on ECM a little bit..I mean the Pocket Polish on the gloves seems silly but to attack them saying they know nothing about lacrosse (I believe is what he said. Correct me if I'm wrong) is a little too far out there.
  • I personally thought that this video made Marc Mesh look very ignorant. Not only did he say that Greg from East Coast Dyes "doesn't have a clue what he's talking about", but almost in the same breath, he says that "all wax meshes are doing is copying MM, but they aren't doing anything different." To me, that means that all wax meshes are the same as Marc Mesh then, because they aren't different (better or worse).

    I have used Marc Mesh before, and my PERSONAL opinion about it is that I don't like it. I feel like it is too soft of mesh, and that even though it is wax coated, it truly isn't waterproof. I played with it in the rain, and it would bag out and get whippy just like hard mesh would do. Aside from the function of their mesh, I don't really agree with how they run their company, selling pieces of mesh for upwards of $100? Companies like ECD are what the lacrosse community needs, where they sell their mesh for a reasonable price, but on top of that, he gives tips on stringing, gives patterns, helps grow the sport, and puts all of that ahead of selling his mesh. After watching this video, it made me realize that Marc Mesh really isn't in it to help out the lacrosse community, but rather to be recognized as "the best" mesh in the game, and they wanted to try and prove that in this video, when they really just bashed on wax meshes, and specifically East Coast Mesh.

    Anyone who's making wax meshes, keep it up, and don't let these guys tell you anything. There's a reason that only old guys who play indoors use it ;)
  • I can understand their frustration - East Coast Dyes is essentially China when it comes to intellectual property rights. Granted, they didn't copy the marc mesh formula entirely, which is why I think marc mesh is still number one, I can still see why blue collar mesh would be pissed. I will say the stuff that they did to shooterz lacrosse with their pocket 34 knockoff looks much worse in my opinion, but that's just me.
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