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Gear Review & Contest: RipWood Wooden Shafts - Gear Zone

edited April 19 in Gear Talk

imageGear Review & Contest: RipWood Wooden Shafts - Gear Zone

Company: RipWood / Product: Wooden Shafts / Price: $39.99 – 79.99 Plenty of lacrosse enthusiasts manufacturer their own wooden lacrosse shafts. What makes them unique? What makes them valuable? As far as wooden lacrosse shafts go, RipWood handles are a unique product with a great deal of value for the user. I prefer the feel of lumber in my hands to …

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  • I think I should win this shaft because I have grown to love the sport a lot in the past year that I've been playing. I keep the heritage of the game alive because I try to be as one with my stick as I can be, being that I use traditional; and because I go hard every time no matter if its practice or a game, I have fun, respect everybody, and win or lose I want nothing more than to be on the field all the time. Everyone whose tried to downgrade the sport in front of me I put a stick in their hands, and after about 30 minutes of playing they already start to grow on it and take their words back. I would love to win this shaft.
    Mark Donahue
  • I think I should win the shaft for many reasons. I love keeping the heritage of lacrosse alive today. The first thing the thompson trio says about the game is that they play for the creator. I love to convey this message to the younger kids I help coach. I may only be in high school, but I love studying why the native americans played the game to begin with. As a volunteer coach, I like to see the kids improve physically, but it is also cool for them to learn why the game was played to begin with! And the answer to that is for mother nature. Clearly, I think I do my part to keep the heritage of lacrosse alive and i would love to win such a quality shaft
    Mark Donahue
  • Here are my reasons for obtaining this wooden lacrosse shaft. The love of the sport and our home, Earth, with whom the creator has made and allowed us to play on. As a college player for UC Irvine, coach for a U13 team and public high school team, I know how much the sport can impact a persons life. Maintaining the respect, traditions of lacrosse and mainly "your" stick, is a very important thing. My stick represents the player that I am and my style of play. Clean, crisp, and classy, or triple C as I like to call it. None of the extra fancy stuff. I love keeping the game simple but very competitive for my players and myself. Having a wooden shaft of my own would be a great new weapon of choice because it will have the feel of an "old school" stick with a new school head. Adding that to my style of play shall keep it more traditional and keeping the heritage of lacrosse alive within me as I GROW THE GAME.
  • Since 2008 I have worked as a camp counselor outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Over these last 6 years I have learned so much from the camp and the natural environment that I work in. I've also seen the kids learn and grow for the short time they are there. Over this last year I have fallen in love with the game of lacrosse. This summer I hope to combine these two passions by bringing lacrosse to the staff and youth of the camp. I believe that lacrosse has a lot to teach and with the combination of the camping environment the heritage of the game can really come alive for the kids. I believe this shaft would be a great teaching tool this summer to show the origins of the game.
  • My wonderful wife and I have two boys, 5 and 10, both play in the local youth league.
    We are keeping the heritage of lacrosse alive with our kids. Whether it be working on GBs, passing, catching, shooting, stringing, and now the BTBs, we have a lot of fun together as a family.
    Heritage. Last September, we took the boys down to Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool, NY for the inaugural Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Wooden Stick Lacrosse Expo. We saw some great lacrosse (wood only) and also had the opportunity to meet, watch and learn from Alf Jacques (Onondaga Nation wooden lacrosse stick maker). It was a great day of family lacrosse fun. I hope the Expo returns this fall, make the trip. Lacrosse and wood were meant for each other.
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