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2014 PNCLL Awards Chatter

It is the end of the season so it is time to start the player endorsements and promotions for end of the season awards. Looking at this years performance alone there are the early front runners.

Tyler Kirby (SFU, So.), Ward Spencer (SFU, Jr.), Alex Crane (UW, So.), Nathan Puldy (UW, So.), Benton Souers (UO, Sr.)

Same Clare (SFU, Jr.), Evan Merritt (UO, Sr.), Reed Oliver (OSU, Sr.), Adam Smith (BSU, So.), Spenser Rotenberg (OSU, So.)

Mark Hilker (SFU, Sr.), Bayne Bosquet (SFU, Jr.), Alex Thomson (SFU, So.), Kody Smith (OSU, Sr.), Dylan Roach (OSU, So.)

Face Off Specialist:
Jannsen Levin (OSU, So.), Will Tseng (UW, Fr.)

Defensive Midfield:
Jordan Stroup (SFU, So.), Trae Field (BSU, Jr.)

Long Stick Midfielder:
Riley Wanzer (SFU, Sr.), Malcolm McCurdy (UO, So.)

Darren Zwack (SFU, Sr.), Austin Lewis (UO, Jr.)

Jacob Bohince (WOU, Sr.), Clay Malensek (WOU, Sr.), Brandon Determan (WOU, Jr.), Jordan Foster (WWU, Jr.), Jacob Goodman (WWU, Jr.)

Taylor Dougan (WOU, Sr.), Chris Timm (UP, Jr.), Daniel Hochspeier (WOU, Jr.), Michael Hatcher (WWU, Jr.), Jon Wettack (WWU, Sr.)

Clement Signoretty (WWU, Sr.), Griffin Caster (WOU, Jr.), Jared Booth (WWU, So.), Justin Cooper (SOU, Sr.), Michael Pearson (WOU, Fr.)

Face Off Specialist:
Tyler Preston (WOU, So.), Alex Smith (SOU, So.)

Defensive Midfield:
Dange Wolf (WOU, So.), Alex Bus (WWU, Jr.)

Long Stick Midfielder:
Obadiah Schwartzel (GU, Sr.), Grant Post (WOU, Fr.)

Gaelen Murray (GU, Fr.), Jordan Johnson (WWU, Sr.)


  • I was very, very impressed by Murray the keeper for Gonzaga. He has outstanding form and instincts.

    You made a GREAT list, I'm especially impressed by your list of defenders, which can often be spitballed, but this list nails it. I think the final list will certainly reflect mainly what you put for 1st and 2nd team.

    Here are just a couple more names that deserve mention in D2, for 2nd team or Honorable Mention:

    Dillon Green - Attack, CofI, Fr.
    Max Skotheim - Midfield, Whitman, Jr.
    Mitchell Cutter - Defense, Whitman, Fr.
    Nolan Ripple - Midfield, Portland, Jr.
    Taylor Harrison - LSM, Southern Oregon, Fr.
  • @spokomptonsr‌ This might be the first time that the person starting the "awards" forum just nailed the awards list. Well done. Extra bonus points for acutally picking defensive middies for your list not just the extra offensive middies you couldn't shove in your midfield. The two teams I didn't get to see play were UPS and CWU but I thought that Jeremy Veilleux from CWU looked impressive as a middie and Jake Wuesthoff for UPS at attack had a good season.

    For D2 what about the big awards?
    MVP? Historically it has gone to the player most important to his team's success vs. the best guy on the best team i.e. McAnnis-Entenman so I'm not sure who it goes to. I feel WOU and WWU have the best teams by a clear margin but I think both squads could lose one player and still have great success.

    OPOY? I don't know how a WOU player can't win this award.

    DPOY? I think if I had to build a defense around one player it would probably be Schwartzel from GU or Cooper from SOU.

    FOTY? If it can go to the "newcomer" of the year I think Foster from WWU wins it by a landslide. If it goes to true freshman though I think the only true freshman I could put on my first team would be Murray from GU. A few other freshman like Green from CofI, Dahm from CofI, and Harrison from SOU deserve some freshman love but Murray and Foster were huge for their clubs.
  • When I look at awards, for D-I, it is all pretty clear:

    MVP: Sam Clare (SFU, Jr.) or Riley Wanzer (SFU, Sr.)
    OPOY: Tyler Kirkby (SFU, So.) or Ward Spencer (SFU, Jr.)
    DPOY: Darren Zwack (SFU, Sr.) or Riley Wanzer (SFU, Sr.)
    FOTY: Eric Larsen (UM, Fr.), Holdon Milner (UW, Fr.), or Jeff Snyder (UO, Fr.)

    I would honestly be shocked if you saw someone not from SFU get MVP, OPOY, and DPOY. They are just on a different level than anyone they have played in the PNCLL.

    If only there was a Sam Clare in the D-II, the MVP award would be so much easier.

    MVP: Jacob Bohince (WOU, Sr.), Clay Malensek (WOU, Sr), or Tyler Preston (WOU, So.)
    OPOY: Jacob Bohince (WOU, Sr.), Clay Malensek (WOU, Sr.), Brandon Determan (WOU, Jr.), Taylor Dougan (WOU, Sr.)
    DPOY: Obadiah Schwartzel (GU, Sr.), Clement Signoretty (WWU, Sr.), or Jared Booth (WWU, So.)
    FOTY: Madison Pihl (UP, Fr.), Gaelen Murray (GU, Fr.), or Dillion Green (CI, Fr.)
  • FOTY = Murray. <--- followed by a period.
  • edited April 2014
    Does everyone think that there should still be a D-mid award w/ the new rules? I don't.

    CC do you know the head to head F/O stats b/w Preston and Smith from last weekend?

    I think you were spot on about MVP. Would WOU have lost a game even w/o one of their best guys? If not, can they still be MVP or does it follow history and go to someone whose team would lose an extra 3-6 games without them? If MVP = best player in the league it is Bohince.
    Post edited by mclalaxfan on
  • @mclalaxfan‌ From what I remember, Preston and Smith went about 50/50, however, I don’t think Smith took a face past the first quarter.
  • @mclalaxfan‌ I still think there should be a D-mid award. I just think the PNCLL needs to sort their mess out and start awarding actual defensive middies. I mean Matt Frutiger for WOU won the award in 2012, he played attack half the season. I think the issue is most teams in the NW don't have true defensive middies. This year Dange Wolf and Alex Bus were far and above the best defensive middies though.

    Preston vs. Smith was fairly anti-climatic. Smith only took faces in the first and early into the second quarter for some reason. Smith certainly held the advantage as he was jumping the whistle every time. He only got called for the procedure three times but it probably should have been closer to 5 out of his 13 faces. Humphrey for SOU came on in relief and held his own against Preston as well. A common story for the second half though was Preston wins the draw SOU LSM beats the WOU back up middie who is in because the score is out of reach. Sucks for Preston because his win percentage took a hit but to SOU's credit they took away his ability to win it to himself which seemed to be the game plan.
  • Without getting sucked into the discussion too much, SOU LSM Taylor Harrison was outstanding this season, especially given he is a freshman. At times, he would take over the game on both ends as well as between the boxes. Excellent stick, very quick, and high lax IQ. I didn't see anyone in any game this season play like he did. For those of you around here for a while, he reminds me of Saint Marys LSM a few years back, Basilios "Loki" Sotiropulus who ended up as an HM AA. This kid is that good. I fully expect him to earn that type of recognition in the coming years.
  • @chriscurtis‌ Wolf out of WOU is by far the best defensive midfielder in the conference (arguably D-I or D-II) with Bus being a pretty distant second and no close third.

    @shortstick‌ I like Taylor Harrison a lot, what you failed to mention was his biggest strength and that is he is a guarantee to come away with a ground ball in a scrum. I think the lack of good or consistent competition in the conference hurts him.
  • @shortstick I agree with your synopsis of Harrison. He is lights out between the boxes and had some impressive snags while sitting off ball in SOU's packed in defense. And as a freshman he showed tons of upside. The only weak part of his game is that he is not a good on ball defender. He got torched by WOU's midfield on ball. And I say only (even though that seems like a key thing for a defender) is because I think with time he can certainly improve and get on the same level as a Sotiropulus type player no doubt.

    I think he should make the all conference team no question and I think it just comes down to preference. Do you want the take away defender who is built to shut down a top midfielder like Schwartzel or Post or do you like your LSM to be that GB vacuum that can push between the boxes like Mills or Harrison.
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